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Turkish Real Estate Consultancy agency

Extra Property Turkey

Extra Property is a dynamic Turkish real estate consultancy agency based in Istanbul, Turkey.

With a good reputation for knowledge in the Turkish real estate market, Extra Property has managed to become a leading company over five years of experience through expertise, smart business management, and teamwork performance.

Why Extra Property?

We build long-term, trustworthy relationships when interacting with our international customers. In order to provide them with personalized advice and detailed information about the properties before making a purchase decision. 

Turkish real estate consultancy agency

Extra Property Team

Our team consists of high-skilled, well-oriented experts that take care of everything for you throughout the whole purchase process.

Despite the diversity of the team members’ fields and experiences, they are running the mission as a cohesive unit.

In fact, we treat our customers as we want to be treated, we treat them as individuals, not just a group of customers. In other words, we are paying attention to every little thing they may ask about.

”Extra Property is a real estate consultancy company, it was established in 2017

Turkish real estate consultancy agency


With our 35 team members, we are able to firm the right methods to evaluate any investment opportunity in the market with the most transparent and objective way, so we have this outcome and rebooted in our client’s hands so we are enabling him/her take the best and most profitable decisions they can do in the Turkish market”

Hadi Alalouch – CEO of Extra Property



Outstanding Marketing

As a forward-thinking Turkish real estate consultancy agency, we believe that marketing is the key work in Extra Property! We’re presenting a diverse portfolio that contains over 250 projects of the Turkish construction companies.

Besides, the other individual properties that give us the ability to help our customers achieve their goals. Most importantly.

We are marketing your property and helping you save your time, secure your investment, and ensure the growth of the highest possible return on investment.


Grow With Us

In conclusion, Extra Property is your gate to the real estate investment in Turkey.

We take advantage of the past, work hard in the present to own the future! 


You can visit our YouTube channel to know more about us 


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