Advantages of investing in the real estate market in Turkey

Advantages of buying in the Turkish real estate market

The real estate market in Turkey has gained wide fame and has reverberations all over the world, attracting global capital to enter into real estate and commercial investments in Turkey.

The Turkish government has paved the way for more investment flows by issuing legislation and facilities that would encourage investors to enter the Turkish real estate market with great potential.

In this article, you will read about: 

1- Why do I own real estate in Turkey?

2- Real estate residence permit in Turkey

3- Obtaining Turkish citizenship and citizenship benefits

4- ِAdvantages of the Turkish passport inside and outside Turkey

5- Real estate market in Turkey | high quality and luxury services

6- Low real estate prices in Turkey

7- Seizing real estate investment opportunities in Turkey


What contributed to the prosperity of the Turkish economy is Turkey’s geographical location in the heart of the world, the charm of its nature, and its human and economic resources. Throughout history, it was a point of connection and attraction to several global markets. 

Why do I own real estate in Turkey?

There are multiple advantages when owning real estate in Turkey that stimulate investment in Turkey, the most prominent of which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Real estate residence permit in Turkey

After owning a property in Turkey, regardless of its value, the investor can obtain a Turkish real estate residence permit. Members of his family also receive accommodation for companions with him.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship and citizenship benefits within Turkey

If the value of the acquired property reaches 250 thousand dollars or more, then the owner of the property can apply for Turkish citizenship immediately for him and his family.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship allows you and your family to benefit from social security, treatment in the most prestigious government hospitals, studying in Turkish government schools and universities for free. Besides,  having the right to participate in the municipal and political elections within the country.

Advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport outside Turkey

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, Turkish passports can be issued to the investor and his family members. It is known that the Turkish passport allows its holder to enter more than 100 countries without a visa, or with an immediate visa at the airport upon arrival. This opens up broad horizons for movement, residence, and investment in foreign countries.

Real estate market in Turkey | with high quality and luxury services

Real estate specifications in Turkey are parallel to European quality and even surpass it in some high-end complexes. These standards are adhered to by government and private construction companies, as they undertake the launch and construction of luxury residential and commercial complexes. 

الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

Where residential complexes with high specifications are considered one of the best options for successful investment in Turkey, as these complexes are designed with very beautiful finishes, with luxurious decorations of marble ceilings.

Also, the luxurious interiors are per the latest advanced technologies, modern equipment, and integrated services.

The residential complexes include a range of high-end services, such as social and sports facilities, including swimming pools, gyms, children’s playgrounds, large green spaces, and private parking for residents and guests.

Low real estate prices in Turkey

Real estate prices are cheap within the real estate market in Turkey, compared to many countries globally. The differences in exchange rates can be invested in favors of the buyer because Turkish real estate prices are determined in Turkish lira, while foreign capital is in difficult currencies.

For example, you can buy an apartment with excellent specifications in a fully-serviced residential complex, at prices starting from about $ 50,000, including tax.

شراء العقارات في تركيا

Also, we advise you not to miss the investment opportunities available in the Turkish real estate market, where after buying a property in Turkey, you can benefit from the profits of resale, or offering your property for rent during the tourist seasons that are full of millions of tourists.

Buying real estate in Turkey is a profitable investment

The return on investment is greater in real estate projects that are still under construction, due to the presence of various offers and preferential prices during the construction period, in cash or instalments.

And you can double the profits when owning in new cities and regions, which have a certain promising future in urban development, such as the construction of transportation networks, airports, new metro lines, and major development projects such as the New Istanbul Canal project.

سوق العقار في تركيا

Referring to the investment in commercial real estate, it is of great profit and interest, taking into account that it is also high in price compared to residential real estate. 

While you can establish your own business within any commercial activity  easily by establishing a company in Turkey within a few days!

It goes without saying: Living in Turkey, among the most beautiful landscapes and sea views, in modern cities and neighbourhoods and with a moderate cost of living, is a successful investment.

You can get the best residential and commercial offers within the real estate market in Turkey by communicating with our certified consultants at Extra Property. We are also pleased to offer our after-sales services such as property management and following up the legal procedures for obtaining residency or Turkish citizenship.

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Source: Turkish Ministry of Interior

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