Bahçeşehir: The district of green gardens

Bahcesehir district

Bahçeşehir is called the Gardens City, and it may also be called the Amazing City. Its location is a strategic location for its proximity to the famous Küçükçekmece Lake, Istanbul’s new airport, and the strategic Istanbul Canal project.

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Bahçeşehir area and its real estate attractions

The infrastructure of Bahçeşehir

Transportation in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir’s institutions and facilities

The Department of Group Housing of the Turkish Cabinet has prepared it for housing by constructing a series of pioneering real estate projects and social facilities.

Bahçeşehir is located on the European side of Istanbul in Turkey, specifically within the borders of the municipality of Basaksehir. It is distinguished by its modern architectural style that attracts those looking for apartments for sale or rent in Turkey.

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Bahçeşehir area and its real estate attractions

Bahçeşehir district is located in the heart of Istanbul, on the European side of the city, within the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Basaksehir. Its ideal location close to Istanbul’s mega projects, like the Third Airport project and the Marmara Highway project, adds a positive value to real estate and a unique investing future.

Therefore, the region witnessed a great increase in real estate and urbanization, especially the increase in luxury residential complexes and the social facilities, markets, shops, and offices attached to them.

The region has attracted the attention of investors as a new vital Center within Istanbul that is witnessing qualitative rises and jumps in prices, construction, and services. On the other hand, prices are expected to increase strongly after the opening of the metro line that will connect Bahçeşehir with many central and important areas in Istanbul.

Observers believe that the high real estate value of the area is due to the luxurious real estate projects that were established in the region. In addition to its tranquility and the enormous green spaces in it. Bahçeşehir has become one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Istanbul that investors are racing to.

The infrastructure of Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir district appears in state plans on an area of 4 million 703 thousand square meters, and it contains more than 15 thousand apartments.

The nature of Bahçeşehir is generally characterized by small hills and valleys, which gives it a unique natural beauty. Most of the region is covered by a varied vegetation cover of various trees, where the per capita green space in the area is estimated at 12 square meters.

Bahçeşehir’s lands include a modern water purification facility, where it is used for irrigation purposes. In this way, large quantities of freshwater are provided and water self-sufficiency is achieved.

What increased the natural beauty and splendour of the area is the presence of the artificial lake, which is the largest of its kind in Turkey. It extends over an area of 30 thousand square meters and is surrounded by many restaurants, cafes, and service and social facilities.

Transportation in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir has a central location that is easily accessible from various other regions through the modern road network that serves it. Not to mention the railway that connects the European side of Istanbul with the city of Edirne.

For example, it is about half an hour away from Fatih and the old city center by car, and the same is true for its distance from the famous tourist area of Taksim.

Work is underway to expand and increase the number of public transport modes that connect the region with other areas of the city, especially after the movement of a large number of residents and investors. 

Among the efforts exerted to solve the transportation problem, work is underway to establish a new metro line with a length of approximately 16 km, linking Bahçeşehir with Mecidiyekoy through Esenyurt, Sparta, and Mahmud Bey. And then, linking it to the Marmaray metro line that connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul through an undersea tunnel.

This attention to the services and facilities of the region will stimulate real estate investments in it and raise its value. 

Bahçeşehir’s institutions and facilities

On the educational and cultural level, Bahçeşehir includes a large number of primary, middle and high schools, cultural centers and theatres. While it includes many health centers, dispensaries and hospitals at the health level.

It also contains post centers, government service directorates, shopping centers, malls, and other facilities with a modern architectural style and high-quality services.

In 1996, Bahçeşehir was awarded the Distinguished Urban Projects and Institutional Applications award from the United Nations Habitat Program, which deals with urban areas and housing.

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To conclude

There is no dispute that Bahcesehir is one of the most luxurious and modern areas of residence in Istanbul, as it includes many luxurious complexes equipped with the best safety and comfort facilities, social and health facilities, shops, and markets.

There is also no dispute that it is the first and best habitat for investors in recent years. And that its increase in demand is still in direct proportion to the increase of its expansion, complexes, and modern facilities.

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