Başakşehir is the modern face of Istanbul

Basaksehir area

Başakşehir is the shiny jewel in Istanbul that is pioneering in development, beauty, and charming nature. It is distinguished by its important geographical location on the European side of the city. Also, it tops the list of the most preferred neighborhoods for housing and investment. 

In this article, we will discuss: 

1- Where is Başakşehir located in Istanbul?

2- An unspoilt nature in the city of crops

3- Infrastructure in Başakşehir 

4- Educational facilities in Başakşehir 

5- Health facilities in Başakşehir 

6- Sports and social facilities in Başakşehir 

7- Transportation in Başakşehir 

8- The city of luxury residential complexes in Istanbul

 It is one of the newly constructed areas. The Turkish government is highly interested in Başakşehir and statistics and studies indicate the increasing importance of this region day by day and its brilliant future.

Where is Başakşehir located in Istanbul?

Başakşehir is located on the western side of the European section of Istanbul, northwest of Küçükçekmece Lake. It is an independent district of Istanbul’s 39 districts.

Unspoilt nature

Its northern borders cover large areas of evergreen forests with great plant diversity. As for the water resources in it, the Sazli Deere River can be considered an important source, which forms a large pool of water similar to a dam along its course within the valley, then flows into Küçükçekmece lake.

Also, the Başakşehir artificial lake, which is the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, extends over an area of 26 thousand square meters. Başakşehir is surrounded by rich orchards and service facilities with an area of more than 300 thousand square meters. Its facilities vary between Restaurants, cafes, children’s games, clubs, exhibition hall, and various social events.

And in the northwest of the Başakşehir extends a protected forest with an area of not less than 50 km, in which there are many spaces for picnics, as it includes a wide biological diversity of different types of plants and some types of wild animals.

Infrastructure in Başakşehir

Başakşehir – which was administratively independent in 2008 from the municipality of Kucukcekmece – has received special attention by the responsible authorities as a promising emerging area. And this is because it has large areas and lands suitable for megaprojects, not to mention its good location as it is at the heart of the urban expansion of Istanbul.

Accordingly, efforts have focused during the last decade on constructing the necessary roads and digging metro tunnels – such as the Kent metro line, which is the longest metro line in Istanbul – and building bridges and pedestrian routes. Also, they have worked on building schools and universities, allocating parks, markets, squares, and various facilities, and serving the area with official buildings to meet the needs of the region’s residents on all Ascending.

It can be said that Başakşehir has a very modern infrastructure, while the opening of Istanbul’s third airport near it has added value to its importance among other regions.

Educational facilities in Başakşehir

Başakşehir includes a sufficient number of public schools of various educational levels and many international and private schools that teach in Arabic. It is considered a destination for students of Arab communities in Istanbul.

As for the universities, it has several private universities and pioneering academics, headed by the huge Ibn Khaldun University, which was inaugurated by the president of the country and paid special attention to it, and which teaches in some of its branches in the Arabic language. A public university is also scheduled to open in Başakşehir soon.

Health facilities in Başakşehir

Başakşehir is unique in the presence of one of the largest health cities in all of Europe, which is the Cham Sakura Hospital, which started working in 2020, and it consists of 10 large buildings with an area of not less than one million square meters and 2,682 beds ready for service.

This made the region a reliable and essential centre in the health aspect and attracted significant numbers of residents and investments.

The medical city in Basaksehir has proven enormous efficiency during the recent global health crisis, including manufacturing thousands of ventilators for intensive care units with Turkish national competencies.

There is also a large government hospital in the region, and 23 medical centres with governmental clinics, covering all medical specialities and providing distinctive health services to everyone.

Sports and social facilities in Başakşehir

The social environment is very rich in Basaksehir, especially since most of its residents are of the young age group. Here you find various institutes and cultural centres, next to the stadiums and sports centres, as well as restaurants, theatres, party halls, parks, malls, and shopping malls. The most famous of which is Mall of Istanbul, one of the largest luxury malls in Turkey.

It is worth noting that its famous Olympic Stadium is one of the largest sports stadiums in Turkey and that the Water Valley area contains 26,000 square meters of pedestrian roads. It is also full of service facilities such as shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, and sports clubs.

ملعب باشاك شهير

Olympic Stadium

Besides, a large central square was built in its most recent neighborhood, “Kayasehir,” and it was called Yenikent Square, with an area of 60 thousand square meters, to be the second-largest exhibition square in Istanbul, with an area equivalent to twice the area of the famous Taksim Square, surrounded by the most beautiful high-end residential complexes. Preferred by the inhabitants of the Arab communities.

Next to the square, there is a botanical garden that extends over an area of 368,000 square meters, a huge parking lot, a large mosque, and magnificent architecture, with a capacity of 5,000 worshipers.

Transportation in Başakşehir

Başakşehir is connected to a strong transportation network, whether between its internal neighborhoods or between it and other Istanbul regions. Public and private buses and the metro line operate at regular times. These transportation facilities link each other to enable you to reach anywhere you want in Istanbul without trouble.

The city of luxury residential complexes in Istanbul

From what we mentioned in this article, we conclude that the features of Başakşehir made it full of modern urban projects and led to an increase in the demand for Başakşehir real estate internally and internationally. Especially after the opening of Istanbul’s third airport. 

المجمعات السكنية في بشاك شهير

Basaksehir Property Projects

Also, the preparations for the strategic Istanbul Canal project close to it increases its opportunity to become over the next few years a profitable investment destination by all standards. 

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Sources: Basaksehir Municipality+ Basaksehir Livinglab

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