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The most beautiful beaches in Istanbul

The numerous and diverse beaches of Istanbul have different characteristics. No wonder, a city like Istanbul, a geographical meeting point of several cultures, and a cradle of many civilizations and communities, has a unique position among the world’s cities.

Along with this coastal geographical diversity, we find a rich variety of Istanbul’s coastal estates and buildings, which varies from high towers to horizontal buildings and large villas. Here is a brief account of Istanbul’s coastal areas and beautiful beaches.

European Side Beaches in Istanbul

Bakirkoy Beach

Bakirkoy is a vital central area in the middle of the European side of Istanbul and it extends along the coastline of the Sea of Marmara. Because of its proximity to the city centre and all means of transportation, its beaches are perfect for spending great times without paying a high cost or travelling a long distance.

Florya Beach in Bakirkoy has a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying diverse maritime sports. You can find many services there, too. It is one of the closest swimming beaches to the city center, and one of the most suitable beaches for families in Istanbul.

Avcilar Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Istanbul.

Avcilar, which is adjacent to Bakirkoy in the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara, is a lively center and a region full of real estate and residential complexes with a sea view on the Sea of Marmara and the Lake of Kucukcekmece. 

ساحل افجلار اسطنبول

One can live in immeasurable welfare with the attractive real estate opportunities and luxurious housing complexes on the coasts of these areas. The main beaches in these areas are Yesilkoy, Ciroz, Mon, Florya and Menekse beaches.

Kilyos and Sariyer Beaches

Sariyer is on the top of the real estate market for having houses and villas overlooking the magnificent Bosphorus and the Black Sea. Also, the lifestyle there is a wonderful urban coastal lifestyle.

Sariyer stretches on the western Bosphorus coast and part of the Black Sea coast; therefore, the beaches are beautiful, while significant services are provided.

Some of the most important and beautiful beaches in Sariyer, on the Bosphorus, are Tarabya Beach, Rumeli Kavak Beach, and the Golden Beach which is for women only.

Sariyer has a long coastline on the Black Sea that extends to the area of the new Istanbul Airport, in a region known as Kilyos, which is the most likely first destination of people of Istanbul, especially those living in the European side, to swim in the weekend.

Kilyos is about 30 km far from the city center, and it can be reached by passing through Bahcekoy Forest road, which has nice rural restaurants for barbecues or for taking a great break.

Some of the nice beaches in Kilyos are Tırmata, Uzunya, Sular, Burc, Baykus, Rumeli Feneri, and Dalia Beaches. These beaches, which are located in Istanbul’s longest and cleanest coastline, provide opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Asian Side Beaches in Istanbul

Kadikoy Beaches

Kadikoy, which overlooks the Bosphorus and is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, is one of the city’s most beautiful and ancient neighborhoods. 

It is unique with its modern estates, long coastal views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara, pioneering services in various areas, and magnificent sandy beaches that are suitable for all residents and tourists, such as the beaches of Caddebostan and Suadiye. It can be reached through many ways such as the ferry, metro or bus.

Caddebostan beaches, which are maintained by the municipality of Kadikoy, consist of three public beaches, one of which spans over 300 meters. All of the three beaches include deck chairs, umbrellas, dressing rooms, bathrooms, lifeguard towers, and kiosks for different services.

Since the beaches are sandy, they are suitable for families with children. Also, there are large green areas behind the beach area, where one can walk under the shade of trees.

Suadiye, on the other hand, is the favourite for the locals; it has a nice atmosphere and deck chairs and umbrellas, in addition to surfing classes. Plus, you can find  a special tea and snack café.

الشواطئ في اسطنبول

Beaches of Sile

People of the Asian side of Istanbul prefer the beaches of Sile to enjoy the occasional clear sea and pleasant waves. It has many distinct beaches, such as Uzunkum, Ayazma, Aglayan Kaya, and Kumbaba Beaches.

The Princes’ Islands in the Asian side of Istanbul has the nieces beaches

The Princes’ Islands are the most popular islands in Istanbul for its serenity and beauty. It also has pine forests, nice beaches, and wooden houses that reflect its ancient history.

The Princes’ Islands are located in the Sea of Marmara, opposite to the Asian side of Istanbul on the south. The islands are Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, and kınalıada. In the islands, people of Istanbul find the opportunity to swim in the sea at a wide distance and practice hobbies and different kinds of water sports in addition to diving in clean water.

الشواطئ الرملية في اسطنبول

Many residential complexes in the Asian side of Istanbul directly overlook these islands and magnificent beaches.

Ministry of Health beach services

The Directorate-General of Public Health of the Ministry of Health continuously conducts analyses of the public coasts of Turkey. By the summer months, according to the calendar determined by the regional health directorates, water samples are taken from swimming areas every 15 days during swimming seasons and they are analysed in public health laboratories.

Then, the results of the analyses are classified in order to assess the level of pollution, and to determine the measures to be taken.

Beach data and reviews can be accessed through the website specified by the Turkish Health Directorate, which is the Ministry of Health Site to Track Swimming Water.

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