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Best malls in Istanbul

The malls of Istanbul are particularly well known due to the large size of their buildings, their various designs, and attractive sales, and the several activities they provide such as shopping, sports, entertainment and even housing.

In the following paragraphs, we will show you some accounts of Istanbul’s famous malls and important available activities.

In this article, you will read:

  • Istanbul’s most famous malls
  1. Mall of Istanbul
  2. Venice Mall
  3. Vadistanbul Shopping Mall
  4. 212 Outlet Mall
  5. Akasya Mall
  6. Trump Tower Mall
  7. Kanyon Mall
  8. Historia Mall
  9. Sapphire Mall
  10. Istinye Park Mall
  11. Cevahir Mall in Sisli
  12. City’s Nisantasi Mall
  13. Galleria Mall in Atakoy

Many of Istanbul’s major shopping centres are characterized by the Ottoman style designs which go along with the Turkish culture on one hand and the urban development on the other.

Also, the exhibitions and stores are inclusive of the most prominent international and Turkish brands, fancy restaurants, huge amusement parks, and dazzling cinemas, in addition to the Turkish bank branches.

Istanbul’s Most Popular Malls

Shopping centers in Istanbul are good places to do all kinds of entertainment activities that are suitable for children and adults, especially on occasions and special days, where the malls are vibrant 24 hours a day in order for the visitors to benefit from the offers and sales on all international products and brands.

Mall of Istanbul

One of Istanbul’s largest and most important shopping centers in Başakşehir, modern Istanbul. It is constructed in the neighborhoods where urban growth is booming. It includes more than 350 stores of the world’s most popular brand.

The Istanbul Mall is an important local shopping mall, with its European-style design, unique to Europe’s largest indoor toy city, featuring large electric toys in a welcoming space of 3 floors and more.

مول ا


Mall of Istanbul is a main shopping center locally, for it is designed in the European style. Also, it has the largest amusement park in Europe, which contains huge electrical games in a vast space that has a height of 3 floors.

Furthermore, clowns and musicians often visit it with delightful and cheerful colors and music.

Recently, fancy Hilton hotel units were opened for lovers of elegant tourist accommodation with a 5-star level of service. 

Venice Mall

This mall is located in Gaziosman region in European Istanbul, imitating Venice city in Italy, which is why it is called so. 

The Mall has more than 180 shops that spread over the banks of a small river, in which pretty traditional European boats float in it moving with a long paddle, putting the visitor in the atmosphere of the city of Venice.

Vadistanbul Mall

It is a wonderful shopping center built in the district of Istanbul valley which the mall has its name, on an area of 103 thousand meters. It includes 270 stores of global clothing brands, in addition to other services such as restaurants, cafes, and entertaining centers. 

Also, Vadistanbul Mall has an internationally unique cinematography technology with extended virtual dimensions. 

212 Outlet Mall

It is a shopping center established in Bagcilar. It is special for having all the stores of international and Turkish brands, which are more than 175 stores that offer several sales over the year. 

 It also has a big play hall for kids, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, skiing halls, and bowling alleys.

istanbul 212 mall

istanbul 212 mall

Akasya Mall

It is a famous shopping center in the European Istanbul in Uskudar. It is a huge mall that has all of the world’s brands in 255 stores for clothes, food, and other services.

Trump Tower Mall

It is a popular shopping center in Sisli, Mecidiyekoy. It includes more than 75 shops for the most famous local and global brand.

It also has restaurants, cafes and cinemas, and it is known for having special facilities for kids; it has a Disney playhouse that can accommodate 600 persons.

Kanyon Mall

It is located in Levent in the center of istanbul, and it is considered as one of the most modern shopping centers. 

It astonishes its visitors with its nice architectural design that looks like the decline of a valley, which is what “Canyon” means in Turkish.

مولات اسطنبول

The building of the mall consists of 3 floors and has more than 160 shops of the most popular and elegant global brands. 

Historia Mall

It is a small shopping center in the Fatih district. However, a big number of tourists visit it, particularly Arab tourists. It contains many shops of global brands, restaurants and cafes. The mall is also known for having vital facilities that are always filled with people and tourists.

Sapphire Mall

This mall is located in Sapphire Tower, Istanbul’s longest tower. It has the best stores of Turkish and international brands. It also offers the opportunity to have a virtual tour on a helicopter to see the site of the two contents. 

Istinye Park Mall

It is one of the most popular and prestigious malls in Istanbul, in the gorgeous district of Sariyer. It has floors and suites that have stores for international and local brands. 

There are more than 300 shops in Istinye Park for clothing, jewelry and other things, in addition to restaurants, cafes, cinemas and play halls for kids. 

What distinguishes Istinye Park is its moving glass ceiling, which closes and opens according to the weather in winter and summer.

Cevahir mall in Sisli  | Istanbul’s most popular mall

It is a famous shopping center in Sisliو and it is visited by many Arab tourists for being a huge shopping center with a massive clock lying on the roof of its glass ceiling.

It has more than 290 stores including cinemas and play halls for kids.

City’s Nisantasi Mall

It is an integrated shopping center located in one of Istanbul’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. It includes more than 150 stores of the fanciest and most expensive local and international brands.

Also, it has facilities of cafes and restaurants services which offer all kinds of world cuisines and food, including Chinese, Mexican, French and Japanese.

Galleria Mall in Atakoy 

It is located in Atakoy and it has more than 130 different stores of international and local brands. It has the best restaurants and cafes in Istanbul as well as cinemas, playing halls, and entertainment centers. It has special huge halls for skiing and bowling

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