Best Places to Buy a Property in Istanbul

Best Places to Buy a Property in Istanbul

Best Places to Buy a Property in Istanbul


“On the meeting point of two worlds, the ornament of Turkish homeland, the treasure of Turkish history, the city cherished by the Turkish nation, İstanbul, has its place in the hearts of all citizens.” Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, first president of the Republic of Turkey.


Istanbul is the eighth-largest city and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Its strategic location as an intersection of sea trade routes and international land significantly contributed to its rapid development. The bustling city links the Asian part of Turkey to the European side through the famous Bosphorous bridge. 


Despite the diversity of nationalities, cultures, and religions, Istanbul hosts the biggest numbers of foreigners and immigrants. With a heightened interest for real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul and the availability of extensive real estate projects, the city is the center of attraction for local and foreign investors. The increased demand has coincided with the Turkish government’s citizenship offer for foreigners. The government has amended its investment laws and opened doors for direct ownership.


However, with thousands of apartments and villas for sale and with so many neighborhoods on the European and Asian sides, where should a buyer start to search? Here are our few suggestions on the most popular places to buy a property in Istanbul.



The district has a well-developed infrastructure such as shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and universities. With over 10,000 properties sold last year, Beylikdüzü has become one of the most searched areas in Istanbul with budget-friendly property listings.


The region is also close to famous seasides, just 10-15 minutes’ drive away. Public transportation is accessible with buses, Metro, and Metrobus. 




Esenyurt attracts a lot of property buyers because of its proximity to the New International Istanbul Airport, one of the largest airports in the world. Apartments and villas are also fairly-priced which is ideal for foreigners seeking to make real estate investment in Istanbul


With the new transportation and accessibility to the E-5 highway, Esenyurt provides ease of conveyance to every point in Istanbul. It is also one of the prestigious locations and is becoming increasingly popular among international real estate investors.



Başakşehir is located on the western side of the European section of Istanbul, northwest of Küçükçekmece Lake. It is one of the quiet and beautiful areas in Istanbul. Başakşehir includes many green areas, water bodies, and a large number of luxury residential complexes, which made it more organized and aesthetically pleasing. 

All these unique values raised its economic and social classification. Also, being close to Istanbul Airport and the future Istanbul Canal made Başakşehir one of the most promising areas in Istanbul and increased the property’s value by 95.5% during the past five years. Basaksehir is known to be receiving great attention from the Turkish government in terms of transportation and service projects, this encouraged many citizens to settle in it recently. And thus the return on rent has increased by 50.5% during the past five years.



It is located on the western side of the European section of Istanbul, northwest of Küçükçekmece Lake, and it belongs to the municipality of Basaksehir. The meaning of the word “Bahçeşehir” in the Turkish language is the city of gardens, which expresses its nature as it is a quiet area with many charming landscapes of valleys, plateaus, natural and artificial water bodies. All these natural features surround the high-end residential complexes in the heart of Bahçeşehir. The Mahmutbey metro line is the most important means of transportation between Bahçeşehir and the commercial heart of Istanbul.  The first part of this metro line connects between Mahmud Bey and işli, and the second part of it that connects between Bahçeşehir and Mahmudbey is under construction.

The nearness of Bahçeşehir to mega projects in Istanbul such as

  • Istanbul’s third airport
  • Istanbul Canal
  • the new metro line between Bahçeşehir and sişli. 

  is the most important factor that encourages investors to invest in this area. Because of all these advantages, real estate prices have increased by 68.4% during the past five years.



Situated on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kadıköy province is an amalgamation of fantastic markets, student accommodation, and a prosperous street bazaar. With over 8,000 properties bought in the last few years, it offers endless opportunities in terms of property investment.


Families are easily lured because the suburb has everything to offer from the city’s central transportation hub, malls, cafes, and Turkey’s biggest fish market. 

Kadıköy | Buy Property In istanbul



Beşiktaş is a safe, modern, and green district on the shore of Bosphorous. It is the cultural and commercial center of the city and home to luxurious hotels and famous palaces.


The district also has an excellent transportation system and seaports. It is one of the most densely built-up areas in Istanbul and has the most expensive and premium properties. There are a lot of antique villas facing the Bosphorous in Beşiktaş.




The district has easy transportation access and is the most popular new area of Istanbul. In recent years, the location has witnessed notable growth in housing sales. From low-priced flats to spacious apartments, Bahçelievler is a great investment option among foreigners and Turkish nationals. 



Bağcılar is home to Turkey’s largest media companies and textile industries. A lot of real estate development and projects are taking shape, creating remarkable real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul.




There are many newly-constructed high-rises in Küçükçekmeсe sheltering people with every level of income. Situated close to the airport, it has good connectivity with other districts in Istanbul. Major projects furnish sea-view villas and flats at economical prices with schools, hospitals, and universities located in close vicinity.


Basın Ekspres

Basın Ekspres is considered a great commercial investment. And this is because it is in the middle of the European section of Istanbul, which means easy access to all areas of Istanbul from. Also, it contains huge commercial centres that have earned it an excellent economic classification of A level compared to the rest of Istanbul’s neighbouring regions.

Basin Express is the area where Istanbul’s three major highways intersect, namely

  • The E5 is the oldest highway in the city, linking the Büyükçekmece district with the Fatih district in the heart of the city.
  • E80 or TEM highway that runs along with Istanbul from Büyükçekmece through the Sarıyer area and a path to the Asian side of the city
  • The O6 road is the latest transportation artery connecting the third bridge to Istanbul International Airport.

Besides, Basın Ekspres includes the above-ground rail network that extends from the Mall of Istanbul to the Sea of Marmara. As well as the new metro line between Atakoy on the Sea of Marmara and the area of Ikitelli.

The ease of access to Basın Ekspres from all regions of Istanbul made it the most important business centre for the economic capital in Turkey (Istanbul) and also reflected on the nature of real estate in the surrounding areas, as these areas witnessed the construction of many residential complexes to be close to the business centre (Basın Ekspres). 



Şişli is the oldest and most extensive district in the city. Its central location and excellent links to the rest of the areas in Istanbul including access to nearby motorways make it an ideal place to buy property in Istanbul. 


New projects are being built in the area providing numerous opportunities and benefits for new investors and property buyers.




It is often referred to as the perfect holiday destination in Istanbul. Sarıyer is a picturesque district on the European side and is located near the Bosphorous Strait. It borders the districts of Beşiktaş in the south and Eyüp and Kâğıthane in the west and southwest respectively.


There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Sarıyer and the local beaches are popular among Turkish nationals and tourists. There are a lot of premium villas often bought as summer residences, however, the local properties are a little expensive. 


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Final Thoughts

Bordered along the Bosphorus, most coastline communities in the districts have luxurious chalet mansions and prime beachfront cottages. In Kadıköy and Üsküdar, modern residential areas and apartment blocks comprise a third of the city’s population.


Having years of experience in the Istanbul real estate market, we have analyzed that both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul yield great ROIs on properties. At Extra Property, we harmonize buyer’s requirements with investment preferences and recommend the best properties at suitable prices. For more information, you can consult our real estate experts here.

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