Where to buy a villa in Istanbul? Prices, locations and all you need to know

فيلا في اسطنبول

Each of us has his own preferences. And when it comes to real estate in Turkey, there are a variety of all styles and purposes. Buying a villa in Istanbul is certainly an important purchase. Istanbul is the city where everyone is looking to buy in, so we will highlight the options for buying a villa in Istanbul through the important factors that determine the value of the property in any region of the world, which are the location, price, and space. By the end of this article, you will have an overview of the advantages and prices at Istanbul’s most important villas’ locations. But before going into the factors and prices, you might have this question:

Why buy a villa in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a high-quality investment attraction city, especially for those looking for sophistication, modernity, and nobility. Which presents the ideal environment to do business and buy your villa to live in peace and spend beautiful times with your family under the charm of the Bosphorus and Marmara sea views. That explains why villas in Istanbul are often located in coastal or tourist areas. The reason why you won’t have to spend the next vacation in Istanbul searching for a hotel or furnished apartments because your villa will be located near the city center. Here are the most important factors to pay attention to in order to get such a villa:

Important factors to consider when buying a villa in Istanbul

Many people who want to buy a villa in Istanbul are confused about where to buy a villa. They have a lot of options. In order to determine the best choice, let’s ask the following questions:

  • How much is my budget for buying a villa in Istanbul?
  • Why do I want a villa in Istanbul? For investment, accommodation or holiday.
  • How do I choose the best area in Istanbul within my budget?

These questions may seem obvious but the answers are not easy. That’s why I recommend that you take a look at the prices and locations of villas in Istanbul so they can help you choose. If you’re still unsure, then it is time you contact one of our real estate advisors and discuss the issue thoroughly.

Villas prices in Istanbul:

According to statistics from 2018, the prices of villas in Istanbul start from $ 250,000 – which is the same amount that will qualify you to acquire a Turkish citizenship through real estate investment – and may reach up to $25 million in areas overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. Investment in villas returns an annual return of approximately $500,000, which guarantees you to retrieve the value of the property within 20 years.

These mentioned rates and investment returns are certainly relative depending on the region. Sarıyer and Üsküdar are the most expensive, while Beylikdüzü, Büyükçekmece, and Başakşehir are the lowest priced. The following are the advantages and prices of villas in Istanbul by region:

1. Beylikdüzü:

فيلا - بيليك دوزو

The area for small investment. It is a relatively new area suitable for young capital as a start for larger investments. The average real estate value rose by 0.67% for October 2018, while the time estimation of retrieving the property’s value is 18 years.

Property prices are generally higher close to the Metrobus line and the sea, and property values are expected to rise after the completion of the nearby metro station project. While the surface area of the villas in this area are estimated to be between 190 square meters and 2200 square meters.


فيلا باشاك شهير

It is considered one of the conservative areas in Istanbul. It is characterized by tranquility and high-end urban projects. The prices are generally acceptable. The value of the square meter is estimated at $1000 according to the first half of 2018. The estimated period for retrieving the property’s value is 23 years.

Famous places of interest include the Mall Of Istanbul and the Sular Vadisi water park, and its conservative nature makes it the most suitable choice for Arab families. Villas in Başakşehir are ranged between 194 and 550 square meters.


فيلا في بيوك تشكمجه

It’s relatively far location from the city center makes it a quiet area. The annual rate of increase in the value of real estate in Büyükçekmece was 18.2% in the last five years, and the price per square meter starts at $720 according to statistics from the first half of 2018. Thus, the estimated period for retrieving the property’s value is 22 years.

The villas area range is between 180 to 1460 square meters and it is suitable for those who prefer to live away from the life and bustle of the city.


فيلا في اسكودار

The value of villas has increased by 11.64% compared to the previous year. The area of Üsküdar is classified in terms of social and economic status as one of the highest income levels. This has been helped by the completion of the Marmaray project in 2013, making it an important transport and commercial center in Istanbul, besides it’s amazing and comfortable nature that made it suitable for those who want a quiet and upscale life. It is worth mentioning that the villas are in the range of 240-3200 square meters.


فيلا في بشكتاش

The value of real estate properties increased by 2.98% in 2018 compared to last year, and prices per square meter are starting from 2500 dollars and the estimated period for retrieving the property’s value is 27 years. The area of Beşiktaş has maintained its level in recent years, due to its location near the third bridge, and other different touristic areas. The villas in Beşiktaş range from 210-1100 square meters and property prices are expected to rise after completion of the construction of the city hospital by 2019.


فيلا في ساريير

It’s the choice of the elite and luxury, with its location overlooking the city and the forest away from the bustle of Istanbul. Its proximity to Türk Telekom Arena and Şişli Etfal Hospital makes it a privileged location and is easily accessible from Levent, Maslak Metro Station.

The value of property in this year increased by 1.58% compared to the last year 2017, starting with prices per square meter of about $ 2000 according to statistics of the first half from 2018 while the estimated period for retrieving the property’s value is 23 years. Villas in Sarıyer range from 200-1100 square meters.


فيلا في توزلا

Tuzla is one of the most promising areas for high-profit investment in the long term and is characterized by competitive prices as compared to other regions. The beauty of having a villa in Tuzla lies in its quiet nature, far from the bustle of the city and its beautiful view of the sea. It is a marina for large ships and has the largest shipyard.

The value of real estate property increased by 227.49% between 2003 and 2018, the price per square meter starts from $ 650 according to statistics from the first half of 2018, where the area of villas in Tuzla ranges between 210 – 1020 square meters.


فيلا في سيليفري

Silivri is a summer resort and vacation center in Istanbul. It is a quiet place to enjoy the nature of a villa in  Silivri, as well as an area for the filming of series and movies, as well as many entertaining facilities and various activities such as horse riding and golf.

The value of real estate property has increased by 14.43% compared to the last year 2017, and the area of villas is between 120 square meters to 500 square meters.


فيلا في بيه كوز

Although the area of Beykoz has many tourist areas, the prices of real estate remained stable within the appropriate limits with all the services available.

The value of real estate has been doubled by 316.7% over the last five years. The price per square meter starts from $ 1,100 in the first half of 2018. The average area of the villas is between 280 and 3500 square meters.


In conclusion, these were the most prominent areas of villas in Istanbul, and as you can see, although each area has a particular advantage, they all share one huge advantage of the area of Istanbul in general, which is great sea views.


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