Foreigners Evaluation of Investment in Turkey

Foreigners Evaluation of Investment in Turkey

A study on foreigners’ evaluation of investment in Turkey mostly clarifies positive and satisfied reactions.

In this article you read:

  1. A feedback regarding purchasing a property in Turkey.
  2. Is there a second repetition chance to investment experience in Turkey?
  3. The real reasons for choosing Turkey by the foreign investors.
  4. Attraction factors of investors to purchase properties in Turkey.
  5. The reason for preferring Turkey by Investors.
  6. Investment’s hardships that are faced by foreign investors in Turkey.

Then, this study has included a wide range of investors from 48 countries around the world, where their opinions differed regarding their investments, which were distributed to 12 different cities in Turkey.


Positive feedback results from foreigners’ evaluation to invest in Turkey

Investors have showed a high degree of satisfaction concerning real estate investment operations that they made in the Turkish lands, in addition to their satisfaction during the related transactions.

Then, Investors ‘experiences in Turkey have highlighted a high degree of satisfaction and gratitude. So, according to data shown by this study, the percentage of those who owned a property in Turkey and felt satisfied and stable during the investment process reached 83.2%.

Besides, the nationalities of the foreign investors included in the study varied, and accordingly, the percentage of investment satisfaction among them varied too. Where it swept the highest percentage of 95.8% investors in Algeria.

Whereas, the satisfaction rate of Russian investors regarding the investment sector in Turkey has been 92.6%, followed by German investors with a rate of 92% who praised their experience of owning real estate in Turkey.

As well, the British investors have accounted for 91.7% among the highest levels of satisfaction and satisfaction with investing in the real estate market in Turkey.

Then, the study ranks Turkey’s investor satisfaction rate as 83.2% as a very good, with reference to marketing techniques that have proven great success in attracting investors from various countries of the world.

In the below table, the mentioned study shows satisfaction rate of the various Nationalities that result from the investment experience in Turkey concerning real estate field.


NoNationality Satisfaction Ratio
1Algerians95.8 ٪
2Russians92.6 ٪
3Germans92 ٪
4English91.7 ٪
5Jordanians89.7 ٪
6Iraqis86.5 ٪
7Iranians 76.9 ٪
8Saudis 66.7 ٪


These high rates highlight that both architecture and quality of the buildings fulfilled the expectations of investors in terms of quality. Besides, these rates have been consistent with the cultural environment of Turkey, and cultural and civilizational environments of other communities that are embraced as it suited their way of living.

As well, the country’s multiple Service Sector, foremost among these is Health and Treatment Sector, have enhanced foreign investors in both ownership and real estate development operations in Turkey.

الطبيعة الجميلة من عوامل جذب المستثمرين إلى تركيا


The majority of investors prefer repeating investment experience in Turkey

A big number of foreign investors have shown the desire for repeating investment experience in Turkey, since the implemented survey we made show the Jordanians who desire to repeat the investment experience in Turkey record the highest rate to be 72.4%.

Then the Algerians got the second stage in the rate of 66.7%, followed by Iraqi investors in the third stage in the rate of 51.4%, while Saudi investors got 43.6%, and the British investors achieved 41.7%.

The following table indicates the percentage of foreign investors’ number who did not provide any explanation for their answers to the rejection or acceptance of repeating their investment experience in Turkey.

NoForeign NationalityNeutral foreign nationals who have not made a firm decision about the repeat purchase of real estate in Turkey


The reasons that lead foreign investors to choose Turkey

The study which is interested in the experiences of foreign investors in Turkey refers to the reasons which lead investors to prefer Turkey as investment environments incubating their investments, so the most prominent of which are the following:

  1. Climate, which was the most cited reason by investors, in the rate of 53.2% of them.
  2. Culture is one of the main criteria that interest investors and motivate them to continue investing in Turkey, where it was 48%.
  3. Safe living, as the opinions of investors proved the importance of this element with a percentage of 39.8%.
  4. Turkey being a good choice for vacation at an economic cost, with a rate of 34.9%.
  5. Hospitality quality was among the interests of foreign investors with a percentage of 30.7%.


The factors which attract the investors to buy real estate in Turkey

Real estate prices: the study indicates that real estate prices are among the most important priorities for investors to buy real estate, as their percentage reached 63.4%, led by Iraqis, Germans and Iranians.

Real estate Website: The data showed that 58.3% of investors are attracted by real estate website when making a purchase decision.

Views of real estate: 36% of investors prefer make the decision to buy real estate based on its views, and most of them are Saudi investors.

NOCriterionPercentage of investors who consider it the most important
1Property price63.4٪
2Property location58.3٪
3 Property view36.6٪
4 ROI28.8٪
5Construction properties21.2٪


It is noteworthy that the Turkish market is a strong competitor in terms of price, as the average price per square meter in Istanbul is about 450 euros, while in European countries this price is about 2-4 thousand euros.

تركيا بلد ممتاز للإجازات الرائعة


The evaluation of foreigners to invest in Turkey is higher than others

 The following table shows different answers to investors who preferred Turkey to other countries for investment.

1Saudis71,8%Preferring the climate
2Iraqis70,3%Safety and stability
3Jordanians55,2%Economic reasons
4Iranians53,8%Economic reasons
5Russians77,8%Preferring the climate
6Germans84%Preferring the climate
7Algerians50%Religious and cultural reasons
8English66,7%Safety and stability


Investment Obstacles for Foreign Investors in Turkey

During their investment experiences, foreign investors talked about several obstacles they faced, and these obstacles came according to the following percentages:

  • Not specifying the costs of buying real estate in the rate of 36.6%.
  • Non-delivery of projects on the agreed date in the rate of 77.4%.
  • Mistakes related to the delay in obtaining Turkish citizenship, in the rate of 14%.
  • Problems of the management of the housing complex in the rate of 30.1%.
  • Problems which are related to water, electricity and gas supplies, in the rate of 16.1%.


  Impressions of foreign investors about Turkey

  • During evaluating foreigners to invest in Turkey, a large number of them, with a percentage of 49%, described their impression about Turkey in one word, which is (the beautiful country).
  • While some investors, by 28.2%, described Turkey as (the Islamic country).
  • While the percentages of 6.1% showed different answers in describing Turkey, descriptions revolving around its history, field of work, religious affiliation, and its being a tourist country that enjoys the beauty of nature.

 You can also express your opinions and experiences about the nature of life in Turkey and investing in it, by communicating with us through the Extra Property website to document and enhance your experiences for the better, and help you choose the best real estate according to your requirements.

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Source: Emlak Kulisi

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