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Eyup Sultan district

Eyup Sultan district is located in the center of Istanbul and is characterized by its ancient landmarks and modern infrastructure. Part of it is located near the old historical city. Its other part extends in the inner direction of Istanbul, within a steady and proportional urban expansion that contains many high-end real estate projects, luxury residential complexes, social facilities, and distinctive services.

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  1. Schools and universities

  2. Hospitals and health services

  3. Bazaars and malls

There is no doubt that the area has a special historical character bestowed on it by Eyup Sultan Mosque, in which the grave of the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, may God bless him, is located.

Eyup Sultan district location

Eyup Sultan is located in the European section of Istanbul, and extends over a large area of 242 km2.

The most important thing that distinguishes Eyup Sultan is its proximity to vital areas such as Fatih and Taksim, and it has a distinct view of the Golden Horn Bay, which is connected to the Bosphorus at Eminonu in the center of old Istanbul. In addition to a panoramic view of Istanbul, with its beautiful architecture and modern residential complexes.


The importance of Eyup Sultan Real Estate

The number of investors in Turkey and those wanting to own property in areas that have a promising real estate future is increasing. And Eyup Sultan, with its several residential projects and luxury apartment complexes grab the attention of local and foreign investors and is considered a target for those wishing to live in the heart of Istanbul.

On the other hand, and because of Eyup Sultan’s location, you find real estate investment and development companies in Turkey racing to win a profitable real estate investment in this rare central historical spot and increasing their investments in the promising region.


منطقة أيوب سلطان في اسطنبول

The most prominent tourist attractions in the Eyup Sultan district

Eyup Sultan Mosque

It is an old Ottoman mosque built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, located outside the historic walls of Constantinople. It is the first mosque built by Muslims in Istanbul 5 years after the conquest.

Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of this mosque is the grave of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. It is known that Abu Ayyub was honored to host the Prophet, may God bless him, in his home when he migrated from Mecca to Medina.

Thousands of people visit this historical and religious landmark daily, and the number of visitors increases dramatically on weekends and holidays, and Islamic occasions such as Ramadan and Tarawih prayers. They come to witness the distinctive activities that take place in it, such as Iftar gatherings in Ramadan.


The cable car and Pierre Loti Cafe

Eyup Sultan cable car in Istanbul is very famous, and this goes for its strategic location overlooking the ancient facade of Istanbul. Also, it is one of the attractions of entertainment and pleasure that tourists generally visit.

On cable car trips, you can see all of Istanbul from the top, especially the Golden Horn area. You can enjoy the beauty of the city and its tourist attractions, such as the Sultan Eyüp Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Mini Turk Museum (Miniaturk), Aya Sophia Museum, and many others.

In addition to being a means of transportation serving the region, it connects between Eyup Sultan and the famous summit of the nearby Pierre Loti Hill. After completing the pleasant cable car trip, you can sit down for a cup of aged Turkish tea in Pierre Loti coffee, one of the most famous cafes in the city.

It should be noted that the café and the hill were named after a French writer who lived in Eyup Sultan, and then he met the woman he loved and named his novel in her name.


Isfanbul Theme Park (Vialand Park)

Isfanbul Theme Park or Vialand Park is one of the largest amusement parks in Turkey, and therefore it is the most suitable entertainment option for residents and visitors of Eyup Sultan.

It was opened in 2013 in an area of 16 thousand square meters. It contains more than 50 fun and varied games such as water games, on top of which are water-skiing games, which are considered one of the most interesting games in the world, in addition to car games, the death train, and the famous roller coaster game.

Vialand Istanbul is a safe entertainment city, as it was designed by the most important international experts to take into account international safety standards. And thus, it is considered among the world’s amusement parks, in addition to being a charming city that takes visitors to a world of fun and excitement.

Vialand is divided into several sections as follows: 

1- Amusement park. 

2- Shopping area.

3- Entertainment area and theater shows.

4- 4D cinema that displays international films and shows accompanied by movement of seats and physical effects.

Services in Eyup Sultan

The first thing that a family who intends to settle in in an area thinks about is the quality of the services available, infrastructure, and the residential complexes or apartments and buildings in it and the advantages of living in the area

From this point of view, we will mention the most important social facilities and high-end services of Eyup Sultan. This way, families can make their investment decision correctly and will choose the best residential complex according to their needs and paying plan. 


المجمعات الحديثة في منطقة أيوب

1.   Schools and universities

There are many public and private schools and universities in Eyup Sultan, distributed over the region conveniently and easily accessible from several directions. Among the nearby universities, for example, Halic Private University and Istanbul Van Saray University.

Public schools are free for foreigners, and Turkish is usually the language of instruction in the first stage, while in the preparatory and secondary stages, other languages can be studied. Also, several private schools in the district teach in Turkish, Arabic, and English languages.

2.  Hospitals and health services

Eyup Sultan district contains many governmental and private hospitals, the most famous of which are: Eyup Governmental Hospital, Private Europe Shafak Hospital (Private Avrupa Şafak Hospital), and others… Not to mention the clinics and dispensaries centers available in every neighborhood. 

3.  Bazaars and malls

Eyup Sultan district is dotted with huge shopping centers, which include a large number of Turkish and international brands. Also, it is famous for its bazaars where people sell various books, healthy oils, prayer rugs, swimming pools, and perfumes.

 This article took you around the Eyup Sultan district on the European side of Istanbul. If you like this region and want to see the best residential projects and investment opportunities in it, do not hesitate to contact us at Extra Property, to provide you with comprehensive services before and during the sale, including preparing the Turkish citizenship file for you and your family.

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