7 Tips to increase your home value before selling

how to increase your home value

If you are considering selling your home in Turkey at some point in the near future, you will need to start preparing as soon as possible, because the objective of any investment in real estate is to increase the value and return on investment and make more value when selling. There are low-cost ways to add value to your property and there are more expensive ways to renovate the property that can be done to improve your property and thus raise its market value.

Given the importance of design in the real estate sector, the design of the property will be the most important term in this article. Here are 7 tips, both low and high cost, to increase the value of your property in Turkey.

Cleaning and painting the property.

Make sure that your property is clean and will have an immediate positive return on the value of your property. This includes the property from the outside and inside. Garbage, dirt, and exotic smell are not absolutely attractive features. The new coating of the property from the outside and the interior will increase the value of your property and will make the home appear new and unused.

Add architectural details

You can give a boring room some glamour by adding a chair or some simple trims as you can change / add windows or doors. Not only does it improve the aesthetic of the home, it can reduce noise inside the house, help reduce heating bills and cooling bills and increase the natural light inside the home.

Repairing the defects of the roof and foundations

The structure of your home may not be obvious to buyers at first glance, but some inspection in the property can detect flaws in your apartment and can invalidate the last minute selling process and can cost you much more. It is important that you carry out the detection of defects and inspect your home early, so that you can repair any structural defects in the property.

Repair the toilet

Small repairs in the toilet such as a wall panel and tile replacement can make the bathroom look new. Cleaning the exhaust fan and repairing the bathtub or sink can increase the value of your home in general. In some cases, it is useful to replace old lamps with more user-friendly or energy-efficient models. In general, the toilet is an important part of every property and the buyer pays great attention to it. No one will want to buy a house with a bad toilet.

Noise reduction

People want to feel that their home is a quiet and comfortable oasis. There are many ways to reduce noise such as adding insulators, installing double windows and doors, installing rugs and rugs to minimize pacing and putting plants to further absorb noise.

Establish a modern modernization plan for the real estate

For example, dropping the wall between the kitchen and the living room can be a good idea for a modern and contemporary home. The kitchen can be rearranged to create more usable space. The idea of ​​adding a bathroom to the master bedroom to create a suite can be a good idea. The site can also swap two rooms, such as office and dining room to create better flow in the house. They can also take a certain space away from one room to add it to another room, for example, take some space from the large living room to create a store for the kitchen.

Show Interest in landscaping and garden around the house

Buyers love the landscape space and find it attractive as it does not take much money to fix it and arrange it. The garden of the house adds a special charm and beauty to the house and gives it a beautiful and calm character.

There are a lot of ideas that you can apply to make your property more attractive and raise its market value. You can hire an engineering company to redesign your property and add some ideas that will increase its value. There are also property management companies in Turkey working to improve the property or to resell it for a better price. Of course, you can not rely solely on these tips to make the property price high, so the negotiation of your real estate partner is an important part of the sale process and can raise the price of the property to the highest value.

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