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Home to almost 16 million people, Istanbul is a melting pot of diverse nationalities, civilizations and religions. It is the economical and cultural hub of Turkey, catapulting its reputation for high-quality development and real estate market expansion. 

Istanbul is one of the greatest cities imbibing a magical composition of two continents- Europe and Asia. Its rich history and geographical position are what makes it the 5th most popular tourist destination in the world. Istanbul offers an unforgettable living experience with a mixture of ancient and modern architecture, dynamic nightlife and bustling city streets. The beautiful silhouettes of the city combine historical monuments and sites including Ottoman palaces, Byzantine churches, Venetian towers, Roman aqueducts from the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Turkish periods.

Why should I buy a property in Istanbul?

Property buyers and real estate investors incline towards Istanbul because of its capital growth potential and stable rental returns. As the properties are fairly-priced in places such as Basaksehir, Maltepe, Esenyurt, Sisli, and Kadikoy, the city offers remunerative investment opportunities in the centre and outskirt districts. 

Real Estate investment in Istanbul in accordance with government schemes and regulations has also open doors for the unique Turkish Citizenship program. With beautiful villas, flats, holiday homes, luxury apartments, and commercial properties located at prime locations, Istanbul is the perfect place to live and invest.

Istanbul apartments with sea views

Turkey is endowed with modernity and natural beauty, with Istanbul being the historic, economic, and cultural centre. Located in the midst of the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, it is a transcontinental city in Eurasia straddling the Bosphorous strait. With such stunning views and scenic locations, properties in Istanbul have a high market demand. You can find beachfront apartments, duplex, penthouse or top-floor flats in skyscrapers to relish mesmerizing beaches and horizon’s view at the comfort of your fingertips. 

Depending on the location and view of the sea, the price of houses, flats, and villas in Istanbul often vary, hence playing a compelling role in deciding its market value. Some of the premium real estate listings in Istanbul also come with a view of the iconic Princess Islands and Bosphorous bridge, which is considered to be exquisite and are often on the costlier side.

Low-priced affordable properties in Istanbul

Some of the developing districts such as Bahcesehir and Esenyurt are home to budget-friendly new build real estate in Istanbul. The upcoming complexes and projects in such districts are affordable and offer salient facilities like spa, swimming pool, parking levels, and other concierge services. Beylikduzu is another locality that facilitates excellent commercial and residential properties in Istanbul. 

Purchasing commercial property in Istanbul

Buying commercial real estate is often a more complex acquisition than investing in residential properties. To that context, Istanbul maintains a stable ground. Many locations and districts stand out on the Istanbul commercial market. With mass development and economic reconstruction to update its real estate segment, the city offers endless opportunities to the global business and financial market sector. 

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To search for a property, browse through our real estate portfolio featuring new-build properties, off-plan projects, villas, resale apartments, and commercial properties. Collectively, 39 districts of Istanbul spread over the Asian and European sides (25 on the European and 14 on the Asian side) constituting a large city that is a delight to live and explore. From financial and tourist hubs to posh residential suburbs, each diverse area offers something unique and are known for their modern-day contribution to an urban lifestyle. 

European Istanbul: Reckoned as the heart of the economical and tourism sector of the city, much fame revolves around the European side of Istanbul. In recent years, real estate investment has tripled because of new mega projects such as the planned Canal route and new Istanbul airport.

Asian Istanbul: The lesser talked about side of Istanbul is rapidly gaining popularity among property buyers and tourists for many good reasons. Also known as the Anatolian side, investors are lured by the serenity of the place and pleasantly surprised with the lower price brackets of villas and houses in Istanbul. 

Why Choose Extra Property?

At Extra Property, our real estate experts are seasoned at assisting buyers to find ideal and exemplary properties available in the Istanbul real estate market. We have an attractive portfolio of the latest residential and commercial listings at nominal prices. Our extensive knowledge of the city enables us to spot forthcoming real estate trends, high rental yields, and mass potential for capital appreciation. 

We showcase government-approved projects and verified Istanbul properties to nationals and foreign buyers at nominal market prices. For best deals, consult our real estate experts to discuss your requirements and budget here.

Meta Description- Real Estate market in Istanbul is rapidly expanding with urban developments. Buy villas, houses, commercial units, flats, and property in Istanbul at nominal rates.


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