Kadikoy: A Blissful District on the Asian side of Istanbul

Kadikoy: A Blissful District on the Asain side of Istanbul

Kadikoy is a famous district located in the eastern Asian part of Istanbul and is just a short yet sublimely beautiful ride away from the city’s most historical sites. The streets exude a relaxed vibe coupled with fierce youthful energy. Kadikoy’s history dates back to the seventh century BCE and holds a saga of rich traditional culture within its timeline. It is surrounded by seminal areas of Maltepe, Uskudar, and Atasehir and overlooks the Sea of Marmara in the south. The proximity to the Bosphorus bridge and the Maiden’s Tower makes it a tourist-centric and distinctive area in Istanbul.

How to get there?

By taxi: A taxi ride between continents is the easiest way to travel from either side of Istanbul. The dolmus or a shared taxi is popular for exploring the areas between Bostanci and Kadikoy along Bagdat Caddesi and the coastline. 

By ferry: A ferry ride is the most enjoyable and probably the quickest way of crossing the continents or going to other coastal regions of Istanbul. Smaller motorboats are often preferred for less popular routes.

By Metrobus: Buses and Metrobus are inexpensive alternatives to taxis and offer stunning views over the Bosphorus from the connecting bridge. 

The popular market and streets of Kadikoy

Bağdat Street

Each area and localities of Kadikoy is unique and distinctive in its own way and Bağdat Street is one of them. It extends from the Kadikoy area to Maltepe and runs almost parallel to the Marmara sea. The street offers unlimited options for food, beverage, shopping, cafes, restaurants, and shops. 

Kadikoy Bazaar

Kadikoy Bazaar is one of the many varied and popular traditional markets of Istanbul. Covering a total area of 12,000 meters square, it offers a wide range of high-quality products among other shopping items such as flowers, accessories, cosmetics, and food.

Bahariye Street

The traffic-free Bahariye Street can be considered as the most buzzing and lively places in Kadikoy. It is most commonly known as the “Istiklal Street” on Istanbul’s Asian side. Operating from Kadikoy harbor, locals and tourists also relish the old fashioned tram rides. While the street is home to an array of lovely cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, quality shops as well as event centers, the place is astonishingly lively and crowded at all times of the year. 

Tellalzade Street

Tellalzade street is also known as Antikacilar street and is one of the most alluring corners of Kadikoy. It is located along the Kadikoy market area and is famous for its second-hand book stores, old photo galleries, silver jewelry stores, and antique shops. Locals take delight in gathering around tea shops while watching the extremely colorful and vibrant alleys.

Main attraction points and neighborhoods


Moda is a green and very peaceful neighborhood of Kadikoy. The surrounding parks and shores are extremely popular among young locals. They often spend hours in the cafes spectating at the beautiful views of the sea and the sunset. Moda is also a thriving residential area on the Asian side of Istanbul. The house-museum of the world’s famous Turkish singer and artist Baris Manco is also located in the Moda neighborhood of Kadikoy.

Sureyya Opera House

The Sureyya Opera House was designed as a theater, ball house, and opera by Sureyya Ilmen Pasa in 1927 and was used as a cinema hall for many years. It was later restored to the original form in 2007, becoming the first opera house on the Asian side of Istanbul and the sixth in Turkey. The building has an attractive facade with beautiful interiors and has carvings of muses, art, tragedy, and comedy.

Selimiye Barracks

Selimiye Barracks is another great landmark located near the Haydarpasa railway station. It was named after Sultan III. Selim in 1799 and was renewed in the era of Sultan II. Mahmud in 1825. There is also a museum dedicated to Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing care. Her room is protected and still preserved with her presents, goods, and belongings. 

Benefits of living in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul

Kadikoy is an ancient Khalkedon settlement where Muslim and Christian civilizations flourished in different time stamps. It is the prospering neighborhood of the Anatolian side and has been developing at a faster pace in recent years. From beautiful beaches to an array of yacht clubs and marinas, Kadikoy has a lot of offer.

One of the main advantages of living in Kadikoy is its strategic geographical location. The area is characterized by the amalgamation of modernity and historic traditions, making it the first choice for tourists to visit the idyllic Istanbul district. Kadikoy has easy access to transportations via land, air, and sea. The Haydarpasa train station is located near the city center and Sabiha Airport is approximately 20 km away. In addition to it, there are also a lot of ports and sea ferries coming from Eminonu. 

Real Estate Investment in Kadikoy

With the increase in the number of mega-investment projects and infrastructure, Kadikoy has seen massive growth in the real estate market. The unprecedented demands of property in Istanbul and huge residential and commercial developments have paved new ways to secure real estate ownerships. 

The buildings and properties have a concoction of ancient and modern architecture. The region has also witnessed significant capital growth as the real estate and apartments for sale yield higher returns and rental income. As newer projects are dipping toes in the property investment sector in Kadikoy, housing and commercial sales have recorded notable increases in the purchase rates and foreign investment interests. 

If you wish to explore Kadikoy or buy a property in Istanbul, consult with our proficient team of real estate experts here. 


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