Latest real estate prices in Turkey 2021

Real estate prices in Turkey

Real estate prices in Turkey 2021 are fluctuating between one state and another, according to the infrastructure projects they include, road and transportation networks, in addition to its geographical value.

And according to other reasons related to the nature of residential neighborhoods, the of industrial areas, and commercial markets … as well as the distribution of the properties in them, such as apartments, lands, offices and shops, levels of real estate development , and other reasons that affect the Turkish real estate market.

This article is about:

  • Rising real estate prices in Turkey
  1. Real estate prices in Istanbul
  2. Real estate prices in Antalya
  3. Real estate prices in Trabzon
  4. Real estate prices in Bursa
  5. Real estate prices in Izmir
  6. Real estate prices in Yalova


Rising real estate prices in Turkey

Real estate prices in Turkey are an attractive point for investors, businessmen, and those wishing to start a new life and live in Turkey , and this is due to several reasons, including:

  •   Ownership laws allow most foreign nationalities  to own real estate on their lands, with the exception of only a few countries.       
  • The facilities provided by the government to those who want to own property, especially the amendment of the executive regulations related to the Turkish Citizenship Law, amendments and tax exemptions related to real estate.
  • The relatively low value of real estate, with the rise in the value of the dollar against the Turkish lira, which makes real estate prices in various Turkish states much lower than their prices in Arab and European countries. In addition to the high quality standards followed in modern complexes in particular.
  • The geographical location spans two continents, and is next to a number of regional Arabic-speaking, Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, Russian and other countries, in addition to the similarity of cultures among the peoples of the region.
  • Strong infrastructure, in addition to the establishment of many gigantic investment projects, which play a major role in determining the value of the property.

جسور البسفور | مشاريع تركيا الكبرى


Looking at the real estate market in the country, the extent of the great growth and the increase in real estate prices in Turkey in general becomes clear, and you can see more clearly the huge demand from investors to buy real estate in various states. 

We can shed light on real estate prices in some of the large Turkish states, which are well received by businessmen for investment or even stability and a comfortable stay in them. 


Real estate prices in Istanbul

The center of Turkey; Dozens of major investment projects have been built there and still are, such as the new Istanbul airport, the largest in the world, and the upcoming Istanbul Water Canal project. 

Istanbul always comes at the top of the Turkish states, which attract investors to buy real estate in them, and it is the center of money and business, the captivating nature, and ancient civilizations. 

اسطنبول | حاضر تركيا وتاريخها

By reviewing the rates of real estate prices in Istanbul, we note an increase in prices by 23.16% for the last year compared to the previous year, where the average price per square meter was approximately 4,267 Turkish liras. 

As for the municipalities that witnessed the highest rates of increase in their real estate prices, they include: 


Real estate prices in Antalya

With its attractive beaches and charming tourist attractions, real estate prices in Antalya, which includes the largest percentage of foreigners residing in Turkey, witnessed an increase of 48.97%, compared to last year, as the average price per square meter for residential apartments in the city reached 3,350 Turkish liras per month. March 2021. 

أنطاليا | مدينة البحر في تركيا


According to the announced annual rates, the areas that have gained the most value in the Antalya real estate market are: 

  • Axic.
  • Alanya.
  • Almali.
  • Finike.
  • Gazi Paşa.


Real estate prices in Trabzon

The charming nature of the Black Sea pearl in Turkey has made investors turn to buy real estate in the charming Trabzon, the jewel of the Turkish north. 

Accordingly, the prices of apartments in Trabzon increased by 2.89% for the month of March 2021, and the average prices per square meter in this city reached 2,549 TL. 


عقارات طرابزون درر الطبيعة


Real estate prices in Bursa

Green Bursa, which possesses a great legacy of successive civilizations, and maintains many of their historical and religious monuments, witnessed an increase in real estate housing prices, by 1.09% in the month of March 2021, while the average price per square meter in this city reached 2,734 Turkish liras. 


Real estate prices in Izmir

Izmir, which brings together all the elements of tourism and profitable investment in its folds, was also one of the Turkish states in which real estate prices rose by 1.58% last month, while the average price per square meter in the city reached 4,291 Turkish liras. 


عقارات إزمير وشواطئها


Real estate prices in Yalova

Projects that are being created in Yalova, which links it to its neighbor Istanbul, add great value to the real estate market in the city. 

The prices of apartments in Yalova witnessed an increase of 1.81% in the last month, while the average price per square meter in them reached 3,183 Turkish liras.


It is worth noting that Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa were at the forefront of the states, which achieved the highest percentage of real estate sales in Turkey, in addition to this, the Turkish Statistics Authority revealed that 2,675 properties were sold during January 2021. 



Turkey, with its ancient and picturesque nature, remains a destination for investors, and those wishing to reside in its ancient and modern cities and neighborhoods. 

To learn about real estate prices in the best residential and commercial complexes throughout the Turkish provinces, do not hesitate to contact us today, and we will provide you with the best offers to buy apartments and shops within modern integrated complexes, with amazing properties such as sea views, and government guarantee, with flexible payment plans in cash and installments

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Sources: Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization + Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality + Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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