10 reasons to deal with a real estate company to buy a property in Turkey

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It is true that real estate buying in Turkey is not that difficult, especially in light of the availability of a large amount of information on the Internet and thousands of properties for sale on various sites, but difficult for those wishing to own in Turkey is to choose the right property in the right place and the best price. But these things  can be achieved only by  dealing with a professional real estate broker who is able to solve the biggest problems you face during your search  of real estate in Turkey.

We can not limit the obstacles faced by the owners in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, But there are some problems that are shared by all those who want to own real estate .

But From our years of experience in the real estate market in Turkey, we have become aware of the problems facing our customers mainly due to the bad selection of the real estate company that had represented  them in the purchasing process in Turkey.

Here are 10 important reasons to deal with a reliable real estate company while buying a property  in Turkey:

Real estate prices

Property prices in Turkey are not fixed, and as everyone knows, few reliable real estate companies in Turkey get exceptional offers compared to other companies. Your dealings with a professional real estate company may save you an important amount of the purchase price.

You may choose, for example, a 2 + 1 apartment in the area of Bahçeşehir in  Istanbul with the price of 135 thousand dollars, but your real estate adviser knows very well that the owner of the project can sell it with  115 thousand dollars after the negotiations

Knowledge of areas and neighborhoods

Istanbul has 21 municipalities in its  European section, and each municipality contains dozens of large residential districts, which makes it difficult to compare them in terms of quality and prices. Here comes the role of real estate companies that give you a summary of their experience in the Turkish real estate market and provide you with the best options with studies on the most appropriate areas You and that correspond to your expectations.

Network relationship

Real estate companies with experience in the Turkish market are gaining a lot of relationships and can be helpful to you  while you buy the property. It may help you solve many of the problems facing real estate investors in Turkey, such as bank loans and the extraction of property documents, for example.


Your choice of the right real estate company to accompany you on a journey to own or invest in Turkey is very important. It is a good company that negotiates for you first and last. The sales officer is your own hero who has all the negotiating and language qualifications to get the best offer for you.

As mentioned in the example of the apartment at the price of 135 thousand dollars. The company may provide you from 10-20% of the price of the property.

Answering your questions

Your real estate consultant is the sales officer in your company, and he or she can answer all the questions that  you ask, which search engines can not honestly answer. And among the questions for which reliable answers will be sought:

After-sale services

What makes you deal with a reliable real estate company is the after-sales services that you provide, which include providing your property with public services such as gas, electricity, property management service, etc.Legal transactions

Legal transactions

In the course of your property acquisition, you will pass through many legal transactions that require a legal expert to confirm the contracts you are signing up for, such as the delivery date and payment methods. You should also check the integrity of the property and this is exactly what your real estate broker offers you.

Payment methods and payment schedule

Payment methods are fixed during your direct dealings with the construction companies in Turkey but they are flexible to put it in the hands of your real estate company to extend or reduce your initial payment or extend the premium for several months.


Years of work in the Turkish real estate market make the real estate company  understand the importance of the purchasing decision of the owner and understand very well how this decision is made. So your real estate consultant can shorten important steps in the process of ownership and take you towards the best decision for you and those around you.

Investment return

If you are interested in investing in real estate in Turkey, dealing with a real estate company gives you the possibility to study financially the properties you want to invest in, and your real estate advisory is responsible for providing reliable information about the return on investment in each area or project you wish to buy.

During the course of the operation of Extra property Real Estate in the Turkish market for years, the reliable information and the awareness content about owning in Turkey is the secret of our excellence and the selection of our customers. Through our website you can browse the most important articles that provide you with important information about the laws of real estate acquisition and answer your outstanding questions The possibility of inheriting real estate … etc.

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