Sariyer: The Most Beautiful District in Istanbul

Sariyer: The Most Beautiful District in Istanbul

Sariyer is located on the European side of Istanbul and is one of the most exquisite districts overlooking the famous Bosphorus and the Black Sea. The locals have adored this area for decades for its laid-back and quaint atmosphere. Sariyer is known for its magnificent palaces and coasts that goes back to the Ottoman period. The region has extensive and lush green areas such as Ataturk park, Belgrade forest, and Emirgan park with stunning landscapes.


In recent years, Sariyer has earned a reputation as a cultural centre of the Turkish real estate market. With premium residential and commercial property listings, it has become a favourite location for Turks and international property buyers. Sitting on the European side, the district’s outlook differs from other prominent places in Istanbul.



Transportation connectivity


Connected via local bus services and M2 Metro line, public transportation makes it seamless to get around the district and other neighbourhoods. Sariyer also sits near the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on the E80 highway, bridging gaps between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. 


The most popular means of travel, however, is via sea ferries. It connects to many destinations including Rumeli Kavagi, Asian Kadikoy, Cengelkoy, Anadolu Kavagi, and the busy district of Eminonu. The ultra-modern airport, tenured to be completed in 2023, is just 40 minutes of drive away and would connect residents to thousands of global destinations all year round.


High profile villages and neighbourhoods


The Sariyer district in Istanbul breaks down into 9 villages and 23 neighbourhoods, all of which has something distinctive to boast about. Some areas rose to fame for beach-side locations, tourist attractions, and 5-star millionaire mansions. Luxury property buyers prefer Yenikoy and Istinye regions with spacious and modern villas featuring the latest architectural styles. Despite Yenikoy’s thrust into the existing real estate market, it keeps and ambience of serene and old-world Istanbul. Buyukdere offers unique investment opportunities because of the availability of luxurious condominiums. Emirgan and Resitpasa also attract Turkish and foreign property buyers to Sariyer contributing to its fame and high property demands.


Points of attraction in Sariyer

Sariyer: The Most Beautiful District in Istanbul

Istinye Shopping Mall


Weekly markets and plenty of shops serve the locals of Sariyer, however, the popular place to spend cash is Istinye shopping mall. It is Istanbul’s best dining, entertainment, and shopping destination. The complex has more than 300 Turkish and international brand stores, on-site gym, fine dining restaurants, state-of-the-art theatre, 12 screen cinema, and 20 speciality boutique stores. 


Kilyos and the Black Sea


Kilyos is a small town and a pleasant retreat away from the bustling city lives. The road to Kilyos leads through the dense Belgrade forest with its systems of reservoirs and viaducts dating back to the Ottoman era. There are beautiful spots to stop by in the forest, go for cycling or country walks and the hilltops have breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. 


In the last few years, Kilyos acquired a number of cafes and bars including highly acclaimed beach clubs and rock festivals in summer. 

Belgrade forest


Named after the conquest by Ottomans, Belgrade forest was private hunting grounds for Sultan royalty for centuries. It encloses a plush and large green area with some small lakes, cherished by Istanbul locals and tourists alike. As a place to relax, meditate, jog, cycle, or walk off extra pounds, city council officials have installed sports recreational facilities and picnic parks on its grounds. 


Within Belgrade forest are smaller nature parks such as Komurcubent, Neset Suyu, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, and Irmak. The 700-acre Ataturk Abortorium among other forests is home to different tree species and birds. The aqueducts of Topuzlu remind visitors of ancient and Sariyer’s main historical purpose of supplying water to the mainland. Locals also relish the stunning coastline and sea views from the hilltops. 



While the rest of the regions in Sariyer moves at a leisurely pace, Maslak is a fast-paced and ever-evolving business hub. Rather than being home to small houses and mansions, tall skyscrapers dominate its real estate market. It is often referred to as the prosperous investment terminus of Istanbul.


Buying Real Estate in Sariyer

Sariyer occupies the top position in Istanbul’s property market with houses and villas featuring gorgeous Bosphorus views. As an idyllic region of the Catalca peninsula, it furnishes a rounded lifestyle with coastal, natural, and urban influences. 


From the sought-after Zekeriyakoy neighbourhood to the lesser-known local communities, sea-view villas and luxury apartments in Sariyer are the pride of Turkey’s property market. Although resale properties are in abundance, most Turkish and international buyers opt for an off-plan or newly-built flats that feature gorgeous landscapes and modern architecture. 


Premium properties in Sariyer have features such as walk-in wardrobes, en-suite bathrooms, landscaped gardens, and private swimming pools. If you wish to set you foot on the Istanbul real estate’s ladder, Sariyer is a quintessential place to house hunt. At Extra Property, we furnish buyers with exclusive and government-approved property listings. If you wish to own a house in Sariyer district of Istanbul, get in touch with our seasoned real estate experts here

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