Exploring sea-view properties and beaches near Istanbul

Exploring the sea-view properties and beaches near Istanbul

The rich heritage, natural landscapes, and contemporary architecture attract millions of tourists to Istanbul, the beautiful Mediterranean city in Turkey. The peninsular region is surrounded by the Sea of Marama, Black Sea, and Bosporus Straight with an array of picturesque beaches and coastlines. 

Sandy coves, quaint harbours, and stunning seasides await just a few miles from Turkey’s cultural capital. Whether it is a serene port on the European side or a retreat on the dazzling Black Sea, the city never fails to cast its charm on the visitors.

For those who wish to explore famous beaches near Istanbul’s idyllic locations, here are some of our favourite and highly-acclaimed coastal locations.

Babylon beach

It is one of the best northern beaches near Istanbul. Babylon Kilyos is an ideal spot for youngsters and families to spend a sunny and cosy day by the clear blue waters. The verdant greenery and surrounding mountains create a utopian atmosphere, ideal for getting away from the city’s commotion. 

There are also a lot of leisure and water sports activities to do including volleyball and badminton. The evenings and weekends at Babylon beach are all about music festivals and live DJ nights. 

Burc beach

This warm white sand beach is located on the coast of the Black sea and is owned by Boğaziçi University. The incredible coastline invites a crowd of thousands over the weekends. There are a lot of things to do such as catamaran sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and beach volleyball games. A kitesurfing tournament is also hosted every year on the Burc beach, making it one of the most happening beaches near Istanbul city. 

Uzunya beach

It is located about an hour drive from Istanbul in the Demircikoy region of Kilyos. The small and picturesque beach provides an ideal atmosphere for individuals and families to relax and enjoy the tranquil views. 

The exciting trekking, motorbike racing, and caravan camping opportunities attract tourists and locals alike. Uzunya beach is also famous for its fresh seafood and delectable cuisines.

Suma beach club

Suma beach club is the ultra-cool, private, and one of the most lively beaches near Istanbul. Surrounded by rolling green hills, this sandy yellow beach is located on the Black Sea coast and has bars, walking trails, and free WiFi. 

Golden beach

Golden beach is situated in Rumelishisari where the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea meet. Visitors can relish activities like cycling, rock climbing, hiking, and other beach sports.

Covered with three bays, a beautiful lake, bungalows, and boutique hotels, the beach is an ideal destination for those who wish to get away from the bustling city life. 

Yesilkoy and Florya 

Located in Bakirkoy, Yesilkoy and Florya have been the perfect holiday destinations for Istanbulites that date back to the Ottoman period. Although a major section of the natural sea-side areas has been swallowed by residential developments, the beaches and coastlines are still worth a visit. They are both operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the water is probably the cleanest that can be found on any city beach. 

Sea-view properties in Istanbul

Foreign investors and Turkish nationals are increasingly looking to purchase beachfront villas or apartments in Istanbul. We have zeroed down the three most demanded areas with sea-view houses and luxurious flats.

Properties near the Black Sea

The Black sea region offers endless lifestyle opportunities to residents and has some of the most lavish real estate projects. Properties in Sariyer, Kilyos, Şile, Ağva, and other prominent districts of Istanbul are in close proximity to the seaside and have excellent travel links to the neighbourhoods and city centre. Property investors are also turning to buy northern Black Sea Properties in Istanbul because of high capital appreciation and rental incomes. 

Properties with Princes Islands view

Located in the southeast area of Istanbul, Princes islands are a cluster of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara. The islands are known for their horse-drawn carriages, providing a rare insight into the multicultural society of modern Turkey. Popular among international visitors, the tucked-away mansions and villas on the islands are astonishing and reminiscent of the royal life prevalent during the Ottoman era. Properties on the archipelago are vanishingly rare, however, there are a variety of new projects and real estate developments that offer panoramic views of Princess Islands from a few districts of Istanbul.

Properties near the Marmara sea 

When it comes to buying real estate in Istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea, the ideal bet is to concentrate near the Basin Ekspres, Media Highway, Buyukcekmece, Beylikduzu, and Esenyurt regions. Discover the premium sea-view projects in the Turkish market, best suited for their locations, build quality, on-site amenities, and the likely return on investments and rental income. The promising new areas and neighbourhoods in Istanbul are the result of huge government development plans and have witnessed millions of dollars poured into the local infrastructure. 

We, at Extra Property, have an attractive real estate portfolio with an extensive range of affordable and premium residential properties in Istanbul. With sea-view and lake-view villas, flats, and summer houses, we cater to every lifestyle requirement and provide the ultimate luxury to the expats and investors moving to Istanbul. For more details, connect with our seasoned real estate experts here. 


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