Sisli and its neighborhoods | The secret of the historical attraction of Istanbul

Şişli, the commercial heart of Istanbul

Sisli and its neighborhoods are one of the most prominent areas in European Istanbul. In addition to being a historical area bearing an Ottoman heritage, it constitutes a major commercial center. It is famous for the presence of several historical monuments.

Geography of Sisli in Istanbul

Sisli district is located in the heart of Istanbul, on the European side. 

Due to its centrality, Sisli is distinguished by the huge investment demand. It extends over an area of 35 km, as it includes the most prestigious tourist districts, and it is one of the 39 municipalities in Istanbul.

What casts more shades of attractiveness on it is its proximity to the famous important areas in Istanbul, such as Besiktas, Levent, and Fatih, in addition to Sariyer.

Sisli is surrounded by Besiktas municipality from the east, Sariyer district from the north, the districts of Sultan Eyup and Kağıthane from the west, and Beyoğlu from the south.

Sisli and its neighborhoods in Ottoman history

Sisli and its neighborhoods have a long legacy in the Ottoman history, which dates back to 1800 AD, where it was known as an open area. Its people worked in hunting, farming and entertainment, and most of its houses were very simple.

شيشلي اسطنبول


The area was reserved for housing the people from the middle class. It was later known for the predominance of the French culture, which is evident in stone buildings with high ceilings and iron balconies.

There are old Turkish families still inhabiting this historic area, who have maintained its elegant architecture style in many neighborhoods.

During the modern era of Istanbul, Sisli had its share of the urban development through the construction of many residential projects of gleaming towers that contain hundreds of luxury apartments in a single building which are more attractive to investors and those who are interested in buying apartments in Turkey.

Sisli’s most elegant neighborhoods

Sisli is rife with dozens of neighborhoods. However, in the following paragraphs, we will shed light on the most elegant neighborhoods that the investors are usually interested in for the purpose of obtaining a 100% profitable real estate investment or for living in a high-end social environment.

Additionally, it is visited by many tourists from different parts of the world because it is rich with the most beautiful natural and archaeological sites.

Kurtulus Neighbourhood

It is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Sisli,and it is known for having an entire Greek community since the Ottoman era. The Armenian community also lived there. The authenticity of this neighborhood is due to the fact that it included many cultures.

The neighborhood was known for its patrimonial wooden dwellings, 207 of which were destroyed in a massive fire in 1929. The neighborhood was then restored and rebuilt in the form of narrow stone streets filled with various businesses. 

The neighborhood is being renovated as part of the urban development projects in Istanbul, where historic buildings are being renovated and repainted, and the “modern” concrete facades are being modified to look more harmonious with the historical architectural characteristics.

Mecidiyekoy Neighbourhood

It’s called the neighbourhood of businesses because of its commercial intensity, which is due to its strategic location that is a meeting point for major transportation lines, such as public buses, metrobus and metro lines. There is a huge bridge there, too.

The neighborhood blows with dynamic works and vitality 24 hours a day. Also, it is classified as a central market for computers. In addition, there is a market for all kinds of artifacts called Mecidiyekoy Bazaar.

Regarding sports, you’ll find there the well-known Galatasaray Club’s football stadium. On the top of the shopping malls there comes Profilo Shopping Center, which has a cinema and bowling alley as well as the famous restaurants.

Nisantasi Neighbourhood

This neighborhood is known as the most beautiful and prestigious neighborhood in Istanbul. The reason why it is famous is the style of the construction of the buildings which is known as Art Nouveau. Plus, the American Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the region, is located in this neighbourhood.

The reasons why Sisli is an attractive district

Sisli has many attractions that place it on the top of the list of vital areas in the heart of the city of the two continents, which makes it a district of high tourist intensity, too.

  • The meeting point of the lines of the buses, metrobus, and metro.
  • It’s located in the heart of Istanbul, close to the vital and tourist spots.
  • It has the most significant tourist sites in addition to archaeological places such as Sisli mosque and Ataturk Museum.
  • It has cultural diversity in the region due to the presence of many nationalities and religions.
  • It contains the central markets that include the most famous shopping malls, such as Cevahir Mall.
  • It has many of the world’s top five-star hotel chains.

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Real Estate in Sisli

Since towers and skyscrapers started to become the modern urban style in Sisli, the nature of real estate in the area has changed.

This has prompted the most prominent businesses companies such as global hotels and construction companies to launch more new projects in Sisli in spite of the limited area in the region.

Therefore, investment in this area is guaranteed to be highly profitable; however, it needs to be well capitalized. Sisli has become an important trading centre and the headquarter of Turkey’s largest companies. In addition, luxury residential complexes with a good level of service have emerged in it.


Real estate investment in the Sisli

Sisli is classified as an important investment area in Istanbul because of the consistently beneficial income to the investors.No matter how currency exchange rates change, investment is guaranteed and it is often in dollars.

Apartments in Sisli

Sisli is known for flats built in a unique style which are usually close to important service and social facilities, and to vital sites with beautiful views.

Also, spaces and styles are variant, ranging from the studio option to four and five-room apartments, meeting all needs and tastes.

Since the area is close to the sea and archaeological sites, it has apartments with magnificent sea views on the Bosphorus and panoramic views on the historic city and its archaeological mosques.

These factors have caused apartment prices in the Sisli to rise, and the selling to various investors of different nationalities to prosper.

Villas is sisli

Sisli has various kinds of villas for real estate investment that are particularly important for being in the center of Istanbul and for their luxurious designs within splendid views. All of this served to attract important investments in Sisli.

Shops and offices in Sisli

Sisli is the optimal investment venue for economic activities such as shops and offices which bring lucrative investment returns due to its vitality and investment security. This has encouraged major investors and entrepreneurs to take it as a permanent place for investment and businesses.

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