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Turkish Real Estate Expectation Vs Reality

After making sure that you want to own a property in Turkey, the first step you might take is to search online for some real estate or some real estate companies to start your real estate acquisition in Turkey.

For example, when looking for sea view apartments for sale in Istanbul , you will find thousands of properties displayed. Pages of various real estate companies show you what you are looking for. Start the process of receiving real estate offers in various forms and budgets and features. To set a date to come and visit the property you want to buy and when you come. You will discover apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea as you expect and the reality of the first visit to these properties.

In this article, we will show you some of the expectations of the Internet and the reality of the first visit.

Return on Investment of residential properties

Many real estate companies in Turkey misuse real estate data and return on investment in real estate in Turkey. For the purpose of selling, some real estate companies resort to inflating numbers and convincing customers that the return on investment in some residential areas in Istanbul exceeds 10%.

The return on investment in Istanbul is good. But residential real estate does not reach these rates except in some very limited areas which are very expensive. A distinction must be made between the return on investment of residential and commercial properties. Both of which are quite different from one another, where the commercial real estate is much more profitable than housing.

You can find the right information about the return on investment properties suggested by studying the area and the project. Where the property is located in Istanbul. There are very promising areas in terms of return on investment, especially in areas close to the largest facilities such as the airport and the center of the city.

For more information about the investment in Turkish real estate market please follow this article “Tips for investors in the commercial real estate in Turkey

5 minutes distance from Taksim

Istanbul is spread over 1539 square kilometers and is considered one of the largest cities in the region, and some still believe that the movement between the areas in Istanbul takes only a few minutes. Because of some of the content spread over the Internet. Which some companies promote.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea. You may find different options in the Beylikduzu area with charming views of the Sea of Marmara or Lake of Buyukcekmece. But keep in mind that the Beylikduzu area is 60 minutes from the Istanbul touristic center Taksim. And you can reach it by using the means of transportation of the Metrobus or bus.

You can check the distances and proximity of the project from some areas by checking Google Maps. Linking the project area to the center of the country and the means of transportation available near the project.

There is no additional cost of ownership in Turkey

Have you ever heard that the price of the apartment is the only amount that is paid for the purchase? and There are no additional expenses?

The cost of real estate in Turkey is necessary and inevitable. There are fixed costs to buy real estate in Turkey. Which is really very low compared to other countries and is summed up in the documentation, translation and insurance costs. But some individuals who work in the real estate sector in Turkey are promoting wrong information for sale purpose only.

To confirm the financial value of the property in Turkey, you can take advantage of our real estate consulting service and contact one of our real estate consultants for free.

Sea view Apartments for sale in Istanbul

The real estate area is an important factor in the purchase decision. Which makes the web pages full of lies about the real estate sites that these companies are selling.

For example, looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea in Google may lead you to hundreds of properties overlooking the sea. But thousands of meters from the sea and you may need a taxi to actually reach the sea. Because the projects overlooking the sea in Istanbul are limited.

Delivery of the project after a few months

Many people want to own projects under construction for price reasons. These projects are less expensive than ready-to-go projects. But the problem with this type of project is the obligation to deliver the project.

Many construction companies are delaying delivery of projects for logistic reasons (construction, alteration of plans, etc.) or sometimes financial.

You can confirm the date of delivery of the real project by requesting field photos showing the construction stages reached by the project. This is the best way to conclude the completion date of this project.

There are many points that differ greatly between the Internet and the real estate ownership of foreigners in Turkey. You can avoid these problems by choosing a reliable real estate company that provides you with the correct and reliable information. You should look for a company that puts your interest in its priorities and negotiates for you to get the most suitable property for you at the best possible price.

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