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As one Turkish real estate expert put it a few months ago, “Trabzon may become the Dubai of Turkey.”  Trabzon is provided with all the facilities that could attract foreign tourists who will play a pivotal role in realizing the dream of the municipality and state to re-establish their city in harmony with the city Dubai and its importance and beauty.

Trabzon, a city in northeastern Turkey with a view of the Black Sea coast, has a population of approximately 779,000 people. The majority of its population are native Turks. It is characterized by a wet climate, one of the most rain-drenched areas in Turkey.

Trabzon is witnessing a great tourist attraction in recent years as it is one of the best tourist destinations for the residents of the Arabian Gulf. It is also considered a suitable city for living and stability. Its beautiful nature and its availability on all aspects of life and stability make it desirable for those interested in owning property in the Turkish Republic. Trabzon is the best Turkish city providing these properties of living like good work ; it surpassed the rest of the cities in several areas, including reliance on sources of self-income, social relations, as well as green spaces compared to Population.

Most famous touristic areas in Trabzon

The city of Trabzon has many touristic attractions, some of which date back to the ancient empires that existed in the region. Among the most famous areas are:

Lake of Uzungol

It  is located  in the south of Trabzon, an hour and a half from the center of the town of Uzungol , it has the most popular touristic areas and all tourist facilities (hotels, restaurants … etc).

Machka area

One of the most beautiful places to visit  in Trabzon, where the most beautiful seas and trees and features  of a wonderful natural atmosphere exists.

Serra Gul

Lake Serra Gul, which was formed from the winter floods of the city and the waters are mixed with green trees, which are located on each side and located in the bosom of the mountains of Trabzon and tourists can sit in the shade of trees surrounding them and enjoying the nature.

The Cave of Shawl

The second longest caves in the world The length of the vestibules discovered in the cave is approximately 8 km and there are water pools, valleys and wonderful views inside the cave.

Best residential areas in Trabzon

Trabzon has been the focus of attention in recent years in order to develop the region’s infrastructure to suit the needs of new investors and the most important residential areas are as followed

Yomra area:

17 kilometers from the center of the state, 7 kilometers from the nearest airport, with a population of 35 thousand people. Arabs began to own real estate significantly in Yumra. In addition, the area is less than 10 minutes away from the Black Sea Technical University. It is also home to many hospitals, government institutions, exhibitions and the most luxurious hotels. We can say that Yumra is the real estate center of Trabzon.

Some Gulf explorers have begun to build residential complexes which are  inhabited by foreigners only.

Orta hısar area:

Is one of the areas of Orta hisar of the center of Trabzon and characterized by the Black Sea coasts and the abundance of trees and the beauty of nature and has all the necessary services and facilities. It is also very close to Trabzon Airport with a maximum of 3 km, 6 km from Jawaher Mall and less than 4 km from the city center.

Real estate acquisition in Trabzon

In the last three years, the demand for real estate in Trabzon has grown dramatically, especially by investors from the Gulf countries, who prefer this rural city to major cities like Istanbul and Ankara.

  • The city’s climate and nature, which makes it the first city for natural tourism in Turkey, making the demand for hotel properties increasing.
  • Low prices for residential properties compared with other cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya.
  • The municipality’s interest in developing infrastructure and opening the door for foreign investments through the heritage marketing of the city and the advantages of tourism investment.

The real estate prices in Trabzon are very acceptable and in line with their quality standards. The average price of apartments in Trabzon is not very different depending on the regions where the average prices range is  from $ 35,000 to $ 50,000 for an apartment with a room and lounge ranging from 50 to 70 square meters.

Residential complexes are the predominant character of  Trabzon real estate due to the high demand for this kind of local and foreign owners from the Gulf States.

Investment return in Trabzon

As mentioned above, Trabzon is considered a tourist attraction for foreigners, especially the Arab Gulf countries. The most profitable projects in the region are tourism properties, which have recently started to spread prominently, such as the hotel apartments, which are considered one of the best investments in Trabzon. summer season.

Prices of apartments in Trabzon rose by 13% in 2017 compared with the coming year. This is very good compared with some of the most urbanized cities in Turkey. This is due to the high demand for Trabzon properties in recent years by foreigners. This generated a good investment return in the last three years, so that prices of residential properties in the last three years increased by 52%



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