5 Turkey’s ‘Mega Projects’ propel the country towards 2023 targets

Turkey's mega projects

It seeks to transfer the Turkish economy to a prominent position, it is Turkey’s mega projects 2023. Through these projects, it is expected that Turkey will enter the list of the 10 most powerful economies in the world and it will be ranked third at the European level by the year 2023.

While these grand plans coincide with the centenary of the announcement of the establishment of the Turkish Republic, they promise a strong economy that will elevate the Turkish state to new advanced ranks globally.

In this article, we will discuss:

 1- Istanbul Canal

2- Industrial islands

3- Istanbul’s third airport

4- Smart cities

5- Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

Istanbul Canal

The Istanbul Canal project is one of Turkey’s most important megaprojects, which the Turkish government is primarily concerned with. It will be one of the Turkish government’s top priorities until the completion of the next presidential elections in 2023.

The route of the Istanbul Water Canal project

According to the announced plans, the Istanbul Canal project will start from Lake Kucukcekmece to the Sea of Marmara, continuing north through the Sazli Dara Dam, and reaching the Black Sea east of the Tartus Dam in the village of Durusu within the Chattalca area in Istanbul.

How long is the Istanbul Water Canal?

The canal will be 45 kilometers long, 400 meters wide and 20 to 25 meters deep. Six bridges will be built over it, with the construction of a new city on its banks.

How much does the digging of the Istanbul Canal cost?

The cost of the Istanbul Canal project is estimated at 16 billion dollars, while the project’s revenues are expected to reach 8 billion dollars annually after its opening.

The economic and environmental role of the Istanbul Canal project

This gigantic project is expected to contribute to relieving pressure on the Bosphorus Strait, which is the most active shipping route around the world. In addition to that, it will reduce the emissions damage of ships transporting hazardous materials.

The project will create new areas that attract residents. The construction of many advanced urban projects has already begun in the areas adjacent to the canal route.

An estimated 137 cargo ships and 27 carriers with commercial cargo weighing 150 million tons are expected to pass daily through the canal. From the excavations of the new Istanbul Canal, which has a volume of approximately 2.7 billion cubic meters, 3 artificial islands will be created.

Industrial islands

As mentioned above, the soil taken from the Istanbul Canal will be used in establishing the artificial islands and many tourist areas in the Sea of Marmara. The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Maritime Navigation will supervise the project, in partnership with the Turkish Reconstruction Department.

Recreation and entertainment centres will be built on the artificial islands, with the addition of other projects such as restaurants and luxury apartments. The aim of building the islands is to provide many high-quality services, such as cruise boats, that will facilitate the way to and from the city.

جزر قناة اسطنبول من مشاريع تركيا العملاقة

Istanbul’s third airport project

The construction of Istanbul Airport began in 2014, as one of the mega projects in Turkey, as the airport was opened in 2018 and was called the Century Project.

But the stages of building the new Istanbul airport are not over yet, as the largest part will be completed and opened in 2023, at a cost of approximately 23 billion and 399 euros, of which 10 billion and 247 million euros have been allocated as construction costs without operating costs.

The project overlooks the Black Sea with an area of 7,659 hectares and includes 165 bridges to transport passengers, in addition to a railway linking all the airport’s parties. The airport includes 6 runways for aircraft landing and take-off.

Also, 3 electronic and technical watchtowers, 8 control towers, and parking spaces for about 70,000 cars will be built. In addition to an airstrip to inspect 500 aircraft at the same time.

Bird radar in Istanbul airport!

What is noteworthy in this project is that it will include a radar to monitor the movement of birds, which is the first in the world to develop this technology, to reduce the potential impact of birds on aviation movement to the lowest possible degree, and to manage air traffic with the highest efficiency.

The impact of Istanbul Airport on the Turkish economy

Projections indicate that Istanbul’s third airport will generate additional revenues of about 4.9% added to Turkey’s domestic income output by 2025, with an estimated value of $ 79 billion, noting that it will provide more than 100 thousand job opportunities after its full operation.

The Turkish government believes that the new Istanbul airport will transform Istanbul into a prominent regional station in the world of aviation, tourism, finance, and business. And make Istanbul the largest economic and commercial centre in the world.

مشروع مطار اسطنبول الثالث

Smart cities in Turkey

The Turkish government plans, within the goals of 2023, to transform 3 Turkish cities into smart cities. Its main goal is to facilitate the daily life of citizens by rationalizing consumption and keeping it safe. 

Smart cities will be Sakarya in the Marmara region, in addition to Kayseri and Gaziantep. The work will start in Kayseri, where traffic will be improved by 25%. And that is through special technologies that limit the number of vehicles and include smart junctions to control the lighting of traffic lights. 

Turkey is seeking, through this project, to reach technological levels that qualify it to compete with global leading cities in the technological field.

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

The first nuclear plant in Turkey, which the government is seeking to build at an estimated cost of 20 billion dollars, to produce 35 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity.

This project aims to support energy security in Turkey. And it will provide job opportunities for more than 3,500 people, which can be increased upon reaching the peak of work during the construction of the plant.

It is planned that the Akkuyu nuclear plant project will be completed by the year 2023, so that it will be operational in the city of Mersin, southern Turkey, to culminate in the centenary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic with this huge project in the exploitation of energy resources.

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