The Turkish phoenix began to rise by the year of 2017

Turkey Economy 2017

After the referendum on the constitutional amendment on the transition to the presidential system, we can see how the road became completely open and bright for Turkey.

Despite the fact that the international media has been reporting negative news about Turkey since the failed coup attempt in mid-July, the great solidarity to preserve democracy that the Turkish people showed for their country, has given a role model to the whole world. and This attitude of the people reflected positively on all fields.

And one of the most important fields that has been affected is the “Turkish economy“, which has showed clear improvement and recovery after the results of the recent elections, on many different levels.
Where Istanbul Stock market has opened its trading in the last period, increased by 3.1% as a result of the strong buying movement .According to specialists, this is the highest level of closure recorded by the stock market in the past two and a half years, US investment bank’s positive report on the popular referendum on the constitutional amendment has affected in this rapid rise, and also after the International Rating Agency “Moody’s” has raised its forecast for Turkey’s growth in 2017.

Moody’s announced a review of growth forecasts for the Turkish economy in 2017 and 2018, following the Q4 2016 growth figures announced by the Turkish Statistics Agency.
And according to the reports of the Turkish Statistics Agency, the annual GDP of all four periods compared with the management of production, has risen in 2016 by a good rate compared to the previous year.

the Standard & Poor’s International Rating Agency in its new report also insured that Turkey will achieve growth rates of 3% between 2017 and 2020,
and it expects that the Turkish lira will gain 6% in its dealings against the US dollar in 2017.

The Deputy Director of the European Division of the International Monetary Fund, Philip Jerson,also expressed that he is optimistic about the recent developments in the Turkish economy.
“There are a lot of unexpected things to happen over the next six months and growth forecasts will be adjusted based on new developments in the coming months,” as he said.

All of This confirms that Turkey today is more able to overcome all the economic obstacles it faces, and that it is also an ideal country for investments and business. we should also not forget about the “tourism”, as considered one of the most important sources of income in the country, which has also seen good growth and demand, including commercial tourism where most businessmen from different countries expressed their positive impressions and optimism about the Turkish economy through what they noticed during their recent visits to Turkey,

Investors in the Turkey real estate sector, especially Arabs had also praised the facilities and new economic plans presented by the Turkish government, which will make investment in the real estate sector an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to buy a property to invest and enjoy the outstanding nature of Turkey at the same time with the lowest prices
as the real estate market in Turkey offers competitive prices compared to the other countries alongside with many other advantages.
They all also confirmed that after the recent events, Turkey seems to be moving towards stability, so they saw it as the most appropriate place for investment and commercial cooperation.

At the end we hope that Turkey after all the difficult events it has undergone will seek to become among the safest countries for investment
which will contribute in bringing the nation to the ranks of the world’s major economies through more productivity and functionality.

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