Uskudar District in Asian Istanbul | Tourist and Investment Destination

Uskudar District in Asian Istanbul

Uskudar, located in th Asian part of Istanbul, is world-renowned for its great beauty that attracts the lovers of nature and history, thanks to the coasts of Anatolia, which are among the most beautiful coasts in Turkey. Therefore, it has always been looked at as a profitable investment area in the Turkish real estate market


The Geography of Uskudar District

Uskudar district is classified as one of the considerably important municipalities in the city of two continents. 

It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, where it oversees the coast of Anatolia, and it is the meeting point of the Bosphorus Strait with the Sea of Marmara, surrounded by Kadikoy, Umraniye and Beykoz.

Uskudar lies above the hill of Buyukcekmece on which the largest mosque of Turkey was built, and it extends to Kucukcekmece hill. It is one of the major tourist centers in the Asian part of Istanbul, which millions of tourists visit each year. 

The area of Uskudar is 36 square kilometres, which is rich in green spaces outstriping all regions of Istanbul. Also, its population is estimated to be 521,666 people spreading over 33 neighborhoods.

The climate of Uskudar is similar to that of the regions overseeing the Sea of Marmara. The temperature is mild with cold air breezes coming from the Balkans. In addition, its summer is relatively hot and it has rainy winters.

Uskudar in History

Uskudar was known in ancient history as a Greek colony built by Greeks in the 7th century, and it was then called “Hrisopolis”, which means the golden city.

Historians believe that the reason behind its name is the region’s richness with gold mines in the past. Others believe that it is because the houses look golden in sunset time.

During Ottoman history, Ottoman sultans were known for building their palaces on the banks of the Bosphorus because of the beauty of the area and the attractiveness of green spaces and forests near the Bosphorus Strait.

The municipality of Uskudar was considered as an independent municipality in 1936, 12 years after the founding of the Turkish Republic.

It received considerable government attention at that time because of its vital and strategic location. Also, it has become a destination for residing and living well in Turkey.

Tourist Attractions in Uskudar

Uskudar has a number of impressive tourist attractions that are liked by foreign tourists, and it became a primary tourist destination when visiting the Asian side of Istanbul. The most notable sites are:

Kiz Kulesi (The Girl’s Tower)

It is considered as one of the main tourist attractions in Uskudar, and it was built in 341 CE on an island off the Bosphorus coast.

برج الفتاة من كورنيش اسكودار

It was known as a customs center and a center for collecting taxes from merchant ships. It was also a defense fortress, hospital, radio station, and lighthouse. Later, it has become a tourist site with various restaurants.

Camlica Mosque

It is Turkey’s biggest mosque, and its construction lasted for 6 years until it was opened in 2019 with its stylish architectural designs adopting the unique Ottoman style.

Overlooking many important sites in the Asian and European parts of Istanbul, Camlica mosque was established on Istanbul’s highest peak, which is known as “Brides hill”.

The mosque has 6 minarets of varying lengths, two of which are 90 meters high, the others 107 meters. The dome’s altitude is about 72 meters, its diameter 34 meters.

The mosque has a large park of 30 dunums; the mosque’s visitors enjoy the stunning views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara, and panoramic views of the two parts of the city.

Transportations in Uskudar

Uskudar has a vast transport network; the district is located in the heart of Istanbul, which makes it the most prominent transport station that serves the land and sea transportation system in the city.

Uskudar has rapid sea transportation, which connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. Moreover, it has a station on the metro line in addition to the Marmaray line that connects the two parts of Istanbul from under the sea.

It is worth mentioning that Uskudar has gained special popularity because of the Bosphorus bridge, Turkey’s most prominent transportation route, which has the name of the martyrs of 15 of July, that lies in Uskudar from one side.

Universities and Schools in Uskudar

Uskudar is a home to a wide number of Turkish state and private universities, such as the University of Marmara and the University of Uskudar, in addition to other 18 universities in various disciplines such as industrial, commercial, religious, and natural sciences, etc.

Also, it has many private international schools, the most famous of which is the American school, as well as a large number of Turkish state schools with different disciplines and stages.

Uskudar Health Services

There are outstanding health services within a wide network of health institutions and hospitals, including specialized university hospitals in Uskudar.

Some examples of them are: cardiovascular hospital and pediatric hospital, and physical treatment and rehabilitation centers, in addition to medical clinics. 

Real Estate in Uskudar

Being a spectacular tourist attraction, having integrated services, being in a strategic place in the heart of the Asian part of Istanbul, and overlooking the Bosphorus and the European part of Istanbul have turned Uskudar into an important and attractive area for real estate investment. 

Also, the Turkish government has paid considerable attention to it, thanks to the big number of tourists and visitors.

The important location has attracted more big investments in the construction sector, making it one of the most important centres that hosts the most modern residential and commercial projects in Istanbul. In addition, the value of real estate investments in it has steadily increased.

المجمعات السكنية في أوسكودار

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